Best Android Keyboard Apps

Of course many people all around the world who are familiar with the smart phone will be familiar with the smart phone keyboard. The old gadgets come with the physical touch pad but now they are moving away from this touch pad to the smart phone keyboards. Although people are familiar with the keyboard for their Android smart phone, their typing experience can be enhanced actually using the keyboard apps for Android smart phone. If people are frustrated with the smart phone keyboard which is not fast enough and unable to autocorrect correctly, they should consider about some keyboard apps for Android smart phone below.


People will not find the typical QWERTY keyboard from Minuum app. It comes with the letters position which is similar to the QWERTY keyboard but it is sure that the entire alphabet comes on the same line. People can consider this smart phone keyboard as one of the smallest keyboard which can be found for Android app. It is not only small because it is very simple to use. Although it is not fastest keyboard with easiness to make mistakes, it can be great option for users who want to be able to see more messages from their conversation on the screen when typing the reply.


If people want to get the keyboard which can provide them with record breaking typing speeds, it is sure that Fleksy can be the best option which they can find. It comes in the keyboard with large size but it also has very simple gesture. Words correcting can be done easily by swiping up or down on the recommendation list. Deleting word can be done by swiping back. Swiping forward can be done for adding a period. It is not only comes with efficient system because it also have the invisible keyboard plug-in which is capable enough so they can show it off to friends.


If people are looking for the most popular keyboard app on the Google Play Store, SwiftKey surely will be found at the top list. It comes with the best typing interface. People are able to type using traditional method or with swiping with the same performance function. People will be able to find the size as well as layout options which are varied. It will be great choice for managing multiple languages. There is no need to swap between the languages and this must be great features which cannot be found from other keyboard apps.

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