How You Can Sell Using Video: A Complete Guide To Youtube And Facebook Video Marketing

Videos have taken over social media. Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. Facebook video ads accumulate billions of views every day. Videos are now paramount in a marketing campaign. This blog will be a complete guide on how to sell online using video – 

  • The content marketing funnel

First, your target audience must know that your brand exists. An excellent video will mean that your target audience is pleasantly introduced to your brand. Showcase a problem that people face in their lives and offer a solution to the problems. Explain your product/service, how it can be used, and why only your product/service can solve their problem. This is where you develop an interest in people of your brand.

Finally, follow up with more ads on your target audience so that your marketing campaign comes to fruition and drives sales. Remember, Awareness – Interest – Decision

  • Marketing takes time

Before starting your marketing campaign, understand that a viral video will not necessarily boost sales massively. Have a structured campaign with reasonable expectations. It takes time to establish a brand and boost sales. People need to trust your brand before they enter into a relationship with your brand.

  • Create high-quality videos

Most smartphones capture videos in high-definition now. Shoot your videos on a decent camera phone. You should also invest in a tripod and a mic that connects with your phone. These will give your videos a professional feel. You don’t want to have a shaky video with weird background noise on your marketing campaign.

  • Deliver value

A good marketing video first sets up a problem that the viewers encounter and then offers a solution. Offer real problems that people encounter in their lives. The theme of your video should be such that it appeals to your target audience.

People have different preferences. What is valuable for one group of people may not be for some other. That is why you can also go for an entertaining informative video. The video should be intriguing, so people don’t scroll down 5 seconds in. Make your video interesting, relevant, and engaging. After the informative part, you can add a call to action.

  • Get them hooked from the start

The first 5 seconds of your video is the most crucial part. People on social media are inundated with a barrage of content. This is why they quickly decide whether a video is worth their time or not. People often only see the first few seconds to make a decision. A great video that no one is going to watch because it has a boring start doesn’t help anybody.

Get viewers hooked from the start. Make it intriguing or weird, anything but boring. Don’t take too long to introduce the problem that you are trying to solve. You should also take note of the fact that many people have their phones on mute when they are on social media. Have good visuals and English subtitles so that your reach is higher.

  • A good narrator can make all the difference

A narrator is a bridge between your product and the viewer. He/she adds a human element to a product or service completing the arch of your video. The narrator needs to be articulate. There should be a tone and emotion that compliments the theme of the video.

  • Plan Everything in advance

Don’t just do everything as you go along. Plan every aspect of the video well in advance. What is the central theme of the video? What is going to be the structure of the video? Where to shoot different shots? Which narrator to use? How to end the video? What should be the call to action? Have answers to all of these questions before you start shooting the video. Make appropriate changes to the plan as you go along.

  • Editing the video

Editing is an important part of the creative process. Since ads on Facebook and youtube are short, be precise and clear. Not every shot needs to be on the final video, edit without emotions. Resist the urge to squeeze in shots that aren’t relevant. People will not watch the video if it has a lot of fluff.

  • A call to action

Have a clear call to action at the end of the video. You shouldn’t mention a specific offer. The video will get outdated once the offer ends. Prompting the viewers to your website is the standard call to action that works well.

  • After the video ends

Videos may not result in sales directly. They may act as an introduction to your brand for the viewers. Follow the rule of seven. It says that people need to see or hear of your brand at least seven times before they buy from you. Although this isn’t a rigid rule it acts as a rule of thumb.

Show more advertisements to the people who engaged with the video and followed the call to action. They might be interested in your product or services. For example, Let’s say you are a clothing company. You published an ad on Facebook. A viewer clicked on the link to your website and looked for sunglasses. After seeing your brand a couple of times, they might start trusting your brand and decide to shop from your website.


Creating a video is a daunting task. To make it easier, you can use Facebook ad templates that are offered by many websites. These templates are designed so that you can make a professional-looking video in a short time. Creating videos for your campaign might seem insurmountable at first, but through trial and error, you will learn how to grow your brand using this process. Don’t worry if you get it wrong at first as every creative process has learning curves.

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