5 Best Turntables with Speakers

Maybe, not all people are still interested in turntable player in their houses. Undeniably, this device looks very classical and there are many other modern players offered outside there. However, if you also concern style so much, this one should not be missed out for sure. The Turntable is not only outstanding in term of design. It also performs well by combining the vintage and contemporary functionalities.

Audio Technica AT-LP120BK

Audio Technica At-LP-120BK becomes one of the best in the market for many reasons. The features are relatively complete starting from the software for Audacity, switchable pre-amp that has been installed inside, line-level RCA outs, speed indicators, and the most reliable aluminum plate that enables you to scratch all day long.

This device is also supported with the USB connectivity. So, it is easier for you to connect it with a computer and other devices to produce more complex sounds with both classic and modern elements. For perfect audio results, this turntable works the best with Edifier R1280T. A good thing about this product is not only about the great performance but also affordable price it has.

Stanton STR8150

If you really want a kind of traditional device, it seems that this turntable product is the best answer. Stanton is indeed a classic brand and it is known as one of the turntable pioneers in the world. Of course, it is now equipped with many new and sophisticated features that make it perform much better than the older series. It is reasonable then to call this series is a device with modern features in a traditional set-up.

This turntable has strong and sturdy motor torque; it is 4.5KgF-cm. The stronger the torque, the motor is automatically easier to be scratched. The body, in general, is very solid along with some stunning features including speed adjustment, pitch control, key correction, reverse play, and still many more.

Teac LPR550USB All-in-One Audio Device

Many series from Teac is known for their high qualities. Some of them are Teac TN-300 and Teac LPR550USB. At this point, it is only Teac LPR550USB to be discussed. Almost similar to the Stanton, this one is amazing in term of body establishment and features. Teac itself is indeed one of the most famous brands in the world of turntable and audio players.

Some of the features offered are USB compatible, RCA which was made from die-cast aluminum, belt-drive, and the MM Phono Equalizer. MM Phono Equalizer is basically an amply with above-average quality. As a result, the output audio tends to be much better and clearer above the CD quality. Besides, there are some other good factors that are not found by other turntables in general.

For you who really care about the design, it can also be another reason why you choose this series from Teac. It is available in many variants of colors. One of them is the sleek light brown with natural wooden fiber pattern on the surface.

Electrohome Wellington Record Player and Stereo System

There are not many series of a turntable that maintains the vintage look. But it seems that Electrohome tries to break the assumptions in which vintage look must have vintage functions as well. It is proven by the series of Electrohome Wellington Record Player and Stereo System.

This product is released with its unique style so that this one is good to be collected by you the vintage lovers. Interestingly, modern features are added there inside that wooden box including the dynamic double speakers for more qualified audio. Do you want to listen to the music without disturbing anyone else? You can just plug-in the headset or headphone to the jack 3.5 available. For those features, it is reasonable to include this device on the list of the best portable record player.

1byone Turntable with Built-in Speakers

If you look at another turntable with unique design, here is from 1byone. It is likely a set of player put in a briefcase. Interestingly, it is indeed a briefcase that you can just close and carry anywhere with the handle available. Available in two colors; they are black and aquamarine, it just makes this series more tempting to be owned.

There are some sophisticated features available here. They are the built-in stereo speakers with front facing to produce qualified sounds, balanced tone arms with soft damping control, RCA output, headphone jack line in and out to make it easier to operate and listen to, and the selectable 33/45/75 RPM speed setting along with the 45-RPM adapter. Well, for all of those great features, 1byone Turntable with Built-in speakers is undeniably one of the best turntables with speakers.

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