Acura NSX and Honda NSX as the Best Supercars to Come Out in 2016

Supercar and Honda fans can be delighted with the release of Acura NSX this year, which combines high-tech features with powerful engines, yet with new designs and materials that will make driving lighter and easier despite the powerful engine performance. Acura NSX, which is basically the Honda NSX version that is marketed in North America, combines the typical Honda-like merits with supercar technology. The car promises to keep comfort and functional merits that signify typical Honda car, with powerful machine, economical fuel, and great control for comfortable driving.

Acura NSX Promises More Powerful Performance

This new NSX generation is likely to be a powerful beast. Despite using standard V6 engine for supercar with 3.0 l capacity, Acura can boosts up power as high as 270 hp in 5,500 rpm of angular speed. The engine performance is also matched with 285 nm torque in 4,400 rpm of angular speed. The engine is strong enough to support street performance and high-tech features this new NSX generation bears. However, more detailed engine specifications are still unclear, but Acura promises powerful performance that matches its futuristic design, with some innovations to improve road control system.


Acura-NSX 2016

One typical feature of Acura NSX is the V6 engine that is not exactly connected with the rear wheels, which was intentionally done to improve the control range and handling options for the driver. The car is quite economical in fuel; one gallon of fuel can make the car runs as far as 17 miles in the city and 24 miles on rural roads or highways.

Aside from the powerful engine, Acura NSX also promises several notable features, such as:

• Lightweight design that consists of fiberglass composite, steel frame, aluminum, and floor made of carbon fiber.

• Sleek, curved design for more aerodynamic element, complete with alloy wheels. The overall design and material provides better gravity center for proper handling and control.

• Luxurious interior with patent leather, complete with keyless entrance, airbags for driver and passenger, rear defogger, and several antitheft devices.

• Multiple driving modes such as electric mode and track setting.

There have been not enough details about Acura NSX, and the mentioned numbers of speed before are also speculation, although the actual speed and engine power are likely to match the predictions. Since Acura is likely to be released at the end of this year’s spring, there has been no exact update about Acura NSX price. However, those who are interested of acquiring the latest Acura supercar should be prepared to spend between $150,000 and $160,000.

Honda NSX Combines Power, Performance and Comfort

While Honda might be identical with functional cars, it refuses to be left out in the current market of supercars. Honda NSX is the result of a decade-long development project, which was aimed to combine powerful performance, futuristic technology, and comfort as well as functionality in driving, just like how all Honda product lines have been associated. This practically changed everything we always knew about supercars (i.e. they are strong and powerful but hard to handle). Honda NSX will be a supercar that has extra comfort and usability like typical Honda products.


Honda NSX V10

Honda NSX V10

However, Honda is not likely to let buyers fooled with these extra comfort and control. As the first supercar Honda will ever release, this model has gone through several modifications and reworks in its design projects, in order to face competition in the supercar market; with many other manufacturers strive to reduce as many bugs and defects as possible from their futuristic designs.

Honda NSX shows sleek design and aluminum body to increase speed and agility on the street, and makes it lighter when you drive it in high speed. It promises powerful performance with V6 engine that has 3.5 l capacity, delivering 575 hp. You can reach 0 to 60 mph of speed in just 2.9 seconds, which proves how powerful this beast might be. Other features from the NSX car include:

• Twin turbo and three electric motors paired with 10 power engine coolers to balance performance with comfort and durability.

• Luxurious two-seat interior with patent leather, air conditioners, driver and passenger airbags, sound system, antitheft devices, defogger, and heated side mirrors.

• Alloy wheels with aluminum body, steel frame, and fiberglass composite for lighter movement and maneuver.

• Hybrid component with more fuel-efficient performance that reduces more carbon emission compared to older supercars models

As the first supercar Honda ever produces, supercar enthusiasts expect highly from this manufacturer, especially since the supercar market has been filled with manufacturers that compete to apply the latest technology and new innovations. Despite the promise of performance and functionality, Honda also has challenge of ditching its “family friendly” car label in order to successfully promote its NSX car. Meanwhile, there is still no exact price information, but Honda NSX price is speculated to be about 120,000 Pound.


Acura and Honda NSX are both projected to be the 2016 generation of supercar that combines powerful performance with comfort and functionality. While the prices are definitely exorbitant, but they are expected from the technology and new features applied on these cars. The NSX car from Honda is especially a result from decade-long of research, combining Honda’s signature functionality and high technology features to create a new generation of supercar.

The cars are projected to have hybrid components and be fuel-efficient, which are the major issues and features that people look nowadays when looking for vehicles, even supercars. The new features applied on engine and overall design also make these cars are likely to have good balance, performance and handling, while being powerful at the same time. However, both Acura and Honda NSX face serious competition with the other manufacturers. There have been manufacturers that learnt flaws in old supercar models, and doing everything they can to reduce or eliminate those flaws.

If you look for new supercar that combines power, performance and functionality, you can expect to buy Acura and Honda NSX, which is likely to be released in the middle of 2016.

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  2. Honda-Acura Price update:
    2017 Acura NSX/MSRP From $156,000
    2016 Acura TLX From $31,695
    2016 Honda Civic From $18,640
    2016 Nissan GT‑R From $101,770

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    Acura NSX 2017 defeats this regular disagreement by consolidating probably the most exceptional car innovation as of now accessible with the absolute most captivating driving elements accessible from any period.

  4. It has been so since a long time ago Honda had an unmitigated games auto in its line-up that you may scarcely recollect what the first Honda NSX was intended to do. The two-seat, mid-engined supercar expected to contend with the contemporary mid-engined Ferrari, however at a much less expensive cost. It did as such until it vanished from deal over 10 years back.

  5. Acura’s most recent models—TLX and ILX—are identification built variants of existing Honda autos. So unmistakably the NSX has one challenging task: to demonstrate the world that Acura really implies business.

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    To Era X, the letters “NSX” implied something. Possibly to the men and ladies of Minato, they signified “New Games Exploratory,” however to us, they spoke to the fantasies of our puberty. Indeed, even in the 1990s, an exquisite time of Japanese auto plan that presented to us the best forms of the Mazda RX-7 and the Toyota Supra, the NSX remained solitary as a paragon of innovation and interest. Discuss an intense demonstration to take after for this new 2017 Acura NSX

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