How to Build a Market-Ready Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

Ever since Siri’s introduction, the ground for chatbot development has expanded tremendously. In fact, considering that Facebook, Google and Microsoft (Apple is already a big player) are placing high stakes to create AI chatbot, it is high time that businesses also paid attention to what an artificial intelligence chatbot can contribute to their business.

Chatbot development is in its nascent stages. There are very few brands who have embraced the concept to stretch customer service and brand engagement.

As an Artificial Intelligence chat bot maker we get too many questions as to what kind of real-world chatbot applications businesses can make use of.

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots For Diverse Industry Needs

Here have a look, how Artificial Intelligence Chat bot involve the industries for smart way communication and improve the business.

Chatbot for Media & Entertainment

In the media and entertainment industry, user engagement is the key to success. Chatbots can contribute to longer user engagement by turning themselves into hotspots for ceaseless interaction.

Disney got its trick right with a chatbot named Office Judy Hopps. Users can chat with Judy to help her solve cases with the help of hints. The chatbot was able to keep users engaged for up to 10 minutes and also had repeat users who wanted to help the officer solve cases.

Chatbot for Content Publishers

The biggest draw from chatbots is probably for content publishers. Readers of content can ask the chatbot to provide shorts of trending news or articles from specific topics. The need to skim through mountains of uncategorized content is done away with. Business Insider made its own Facebook messenger chatbot that delivered personalized news alerts when users signed into the app.

Chatbot for Healthcare

We all have gone through that awkward position where we have too many questions to ask the doctor but wonder if it is the right thing to ask. Well, a chatbot can take the pain out of that. In fact, MedWhat build an artificial intelligence chat app exactly for that purpose. The app answers all user queries instantly and also updates the patient records in the mobile app.

Chatbot for Education

The boring hours of self-study can get an exciting twist with the company of a chatbot. Not just education, even enrolling for education can become easier with a chatbot. The Georgia State University created a chatbot which helped students to fill applications, apply for student aid, etc. through a chat interface.

Chatbot for Retail & eCommerce

The biggest and most impactful use of chatbots is in the retail & eCommerce industry. In fact, when Mark Zuckerberg launched the Facebook Messenger platform publicly, he announced the use of a chatbot using a retail brand as the example. It is no surprise that more than 30,000 businesses lapped up their own chatbots within a short span.

What can a chatbot do for an eCommerce or retail brain?

  • Give proactive product suggestions to customers based on past trends
  • Direct customers to product pages instantly without letting them browse around endlessly
  • Suggest related products that complete the look thus increasing conversions

Chatbot for Banking & Finance

Banking hours are restricted. But a chatbot can continue providing service even beyond the working hours of the bank. It can help customers find account balances instantly, check last ten charges, track scheduled payments, calculate interest and do much more that otherwise is reliant on the banking app or the website. The chat app can assist the account holder like a personalized banking relationship manager.

The Royal Bank of Scotland was able to wow its account holders by building an artificial intelligence based chatbot named Luvo that answered customer queries with pin-point accuracy.

Is that it?

The possibilities of an AI artificial intelligence chatbot are literally limitless. Think of them as a personal concierge you can carry around at all times in your smartphone. The good news is that chatbots do not need an extra app to be installed. They help customers text businesses instantly for service without being limited by the availability of customer support staff or even working hours.

Time to build a chatbot

Does your business deal with disgruntled customers who cry poor customer service? Create a chatbot and start cutting through the complaints clutter. Take customer service and marketing to a whole new level with the help of an artificial intelligence based chatbot.

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