Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android

People are able to find the technology support which is useful for helping people with their daily activity. Of course recently there are more and more people who pay very great attention to their health and fitness. They can be very busy so they do not have too much time which can be spent for paying attention to their health or fitness. Nevertheless, it does not mean that they can ignore it completely because they are able to get the technology support for this purpose in the form of apps for health and fitness. Some of them can be the best choice which people should use.

7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout app

There must be so many people who are super busy with their daily activity and they cannot spare much of their time just for working out at the gym. It must be hard for people who just started their fitness activity to spend hours at the gym. They should use the support from 7 Minute Workout app which can offer people with the steps for completing workout routine in seven minutes. The workout routine can be useful for helping them lose weight and also strengthen their muscles.

Google Fit

Google Fit

Some health and fitness app comes with great function but it is too complicated to see so people are looking for the app which is simple enough so they will not get tired just by seeing the app. Google Fit must be one of the best options for health and fitness app which is filled with simplicity. It comes with pretty sparse features but it can be integrated with Android and Android Wear which makes it as convenient choice. It also comes with web interface. Users can log the weight, steps, heart rate, as well as activity time automatically. Simple daily goal can be set and the app will alert them when their goal is reached.


People will be able to see the good reputation from RunKeeper as app for health and fitness. It comes with various kinds of features and it is also supported with various services from third party. This can be the best option for keen runner for sure. Users will be able to plot their run on the map. The distance which is covered as well as the calories which are burned can be monitored using this app. People can do many other things including setting personal goal and integrating their indoor activities.

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