What is Included in a Tire Service?

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Tires are pretty remarkable inventions. They really show the ingenuity of humanity like few other inventions of our modern times. If you take the time to think about it, the brilliance with the modern tire is really in its simplicity. Moulded rubber with treads that grip to the road, created at sizes that slide right over rims and held in place with pure air pressure; that is all tires are. The fact that tires are so simple is what makes them so ingenious in terms of their functionality. Though no matter how tough you think your tires are, there will come a time when you need to have your tires serviced. You’re putting a lot of wear and tear on these wheels, through a variety of harsh driving conditions, bad weather, and just everyday stopping and turning. All of these things take a toll on your tires.

 The good news here is that you should be able to find an excellent local tire service to assist you in all manner of situations you might find with your tires. Though, a lot of people believe that service for tires only includes things like patching up a hole or outright replacing your tires. The truth of the matter is a lot more complex than this. There are many different things that tire specialists can do for your tires, which will help you extend your wheels’ life while also improving your driving performance and, thus, your safety behind the wheel. Here are six of the main types of service you will find offered by the professionals.

5 Services You Get for Your Tires from a Professional

1: Tire Replacement

 The first sort of service you will find is the most obvious on the list, so let’s just get this one out of the way. The professionals will change your tires for you in a full replacement. Of course, you get the added benefit of the pros letting you know which type of tires to put on your automobile after they remove the old ones. They will know what sort of tread you need and will help you find the best deals on the best brands around. This is how you can ultimately save a lot of time and money while still getting the absolute best in tires for your automobile. A lot of people pride themselves on being able to change a tire. Well, outright replacement is a whole different ball game, and so it’s always best to allow the professionals to handle this sort of job.

2: Tire Alignment

 Having your tires properly aligned is a vital service, maybe more so than you may ever realize. Tires that are misaligned can lead to a lot of handling issues with hard turning angles, and it can even make it more difficult for your car to stop properly when braking. Though the most serious issue here for your tires themselves is that misaligned tires are a constant risk of tread wear and other issues like going flat. One of the best tire service options that the professionals are offering is a tire alignment. This is a very affordable, fast fix that the pros can handle in no time at all. They can lift your car, align your tires correctly, and send you on your way.

3: Tire Repair

 Your tires on your vehicle can go flat for various reasons, not just a huge hole that would be called a “blowout.” You could have an issue with your valve, which is the point on the tire where you will put the air into the wheel. They can start leaking. While this is slow, you could find that your tire constantly needs to be inflated. You could also deal with issues like small holes, problems with the seal around the rim, and other issues causing your tires to go flat. The professionals can offer tire repair and often fix these issues without having to replace your tires fully. For instance, the pros can fix that valve so that the air stops leaking, and you get a properly working tire without having to spend extra time and money on an outright replacement. So this is a great service that only the pros offer.

4: Tire Pressure Monitoring

 The proper amount of pressure in your tires is what’s keeping you the safest while on the road. You should always understand that your tires were precision-crafted to grip the road well and to turn and stop well based on a particularly calculated amount of pressure when inflated. Tires that are not up to that sort of pressure rating will not perform as well at all. You might be shocked to learn just how many accidents on the road every year were caused in part by tires that had low pressure, and so the driver had issues in maneuvering and stopping the vehicle on time. The professionals can really get in there and monitor your pressure much more accurately than a home use pressure gauge. While you should be using one, you should also make sure the pros are checking up on your pressure when you go in for any type of maintenance.

5: Tire Rotation

 The tires on your vehicle will wear at different rates. This is because the vast majority of automobiles are only two-wheel drive and, thus, the tires are getting a different sort of experience on the front compared to the rear. Plus, only the front wheels turn, so they’re experiencing more all-around tread wear on the sides. The idea here with tire rotation is to get a lot more life out of your tires. You won’t always need to get them replaced. If you have your tires rotated, you can get more life out of your existing tires by just changing their positions. This will give you the benefit of improved handling, better gas mileage, and more dependable braking.

 When you go in for professional tire services, keep in mind that you will find more available than the five we listed here. These are just the most popular and ones that you should consider the next time you take your car in for repairs.

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