Consider This before Rooting Your Android

The android users must have been familiar with the root term. You’ve heard this term although not yet know what that means. Many people who use android to root on their devices with a variety of reasons. But there are also the android users who are unfamiliar with this term.

Root Function

Root serves to give the user a privilege or commonly referred to as super user so that the user can set or make changes to the device freely. Actually, this root has the same function as the administrator on the windows. Root could be important and not in accordance with the needs of the user. For some user’s android, root is very important for an android, even some direct users to root after buying android. These users are less satisfied when android has not undergone a process of root. Here are some things you should consider before you perform root on android.

Advantages of Root

If you do a root, you can install apps that require root easily. In the official application store in android or we are familiar with Google Play Store, there are more ways than one application is pretty cool. There are applications that can provide entertainment, information, and there are also applications that can improve the performance of our devices. However, these applications are also many that require root access or applications that require super user permissions in order to run with the maximum. Applications that require root on android is Link2SD, Titanium Backup, Gemini App Manager, and others. Root also has other benefits that can improve the performance of our devices because it is the main purpose of the rooting process. However, many android users who still do not understand it. If we do a root, performance on our devices do not directly increase granted. Only root processes, giving users access to make changes to the device in accordance with the wishes of the user. If the android has not experienced a root process, then the application is requesting a particular access will be denied by your device automatically. However, if the android has done the root process, then you yourself or the user can decide to allow the application to be installed on the device. If anything happens to your device, then you alone must bear the security risks arising from the application. Improved performance in question is that you can improve the performance of your device to install apps that require root process. If you do a root process, then you can customize it on your device. You can put up customROM. You can also switch, eliminate, mine, or remove existing features on the device with the help of which can release a software developer to do so. Although there are many advantages of this process on the android root, but still you are the disadvantages of this process.

Disadvantage of Root

Actually, android devices that you purchase have been equipped with a security system which will lock the access requested by another application. This is done to prevent any application to be entered into our device. Usually, only applications from the official Android app store are allowed to be installed. If we give you access to features that are not secure when the root on android, then we can be attacked by the virus and of course, our devices could be damaged due to virus. Root processes on android was also void the warranty. There are vendors that void the warranty of the device if the device is already experiencing root. This occurs because the root is the seal of the device. We already know if we want to make a warranty claim, then seal that we have to be in one piece. Root processes that you do is considered as an act vendor unseal the software so that you will lose the warranty of your device.

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