Ways to Stop Background Apps from Lagging Your Android

The hunt for managing background Android applications is on. While many running Android apps are necessary for a wide variety of reasons such as, providing location data, syncing, making features of your device work, it can take its toll on your device’s responsiveness and speed. These background apps might eat up a lot of your battery energy and cause device lag that could be pretty frustrating to deal with, and they are not always doing their work effectively too. If you wish to know which applications are taking excessive space in the background and lagging your device, then you might wish to continue reading this article to discover some tips.

Battery Usage and Process Stats

Applications are great, but only if they are kept at bay. If you wish to know how power hungry your apps are, as well as which are running in the background excessively, there are some built-in monitoring options provided by Android. Process Stats will let you know about which applications are running excessively all the time. You can do this by enabling developer options by going to Settings and choose About Device. Afterwards, tap the Build number until there is a notification telling you the Developer Options have been enabled. Afterwards, go to Settings, access the Develop Options and open the Process stats in order to see how much time your key apps take for running in the background. You can tap at any application in order to see how much RAM it takes and uses. Next, go to settings, access the battery option and then see how much batter your individual applications are using. Now you can decide which running Android apps that you should stop.

Which Running Applications You Should Stop?

The two main culprits of battery use and limited background memory is those games that you are not playing, as well as those music players that you are definitely not using. If you deem an app to have no logical reason running in the background whatsoever, then you should probably just terminate it. As a general rule of thumb, you should probably let services and applications that start with ‘Google’ on their name alone. After all, these apps and services are essential and while they won’t let you close them, but it’s good to keep it in mind. You can also stop, uninstall, or disable some of the most unimportant Android background apps by going to the settings (again) and pick application manager in the application section. From here, you can simply choose on which apps to disable and disable them accordingly. If your device has been lagging and your battery power is easily reduced, then you probably need to start checking on your running Android apps.

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