5 Businesses You Can Start from Home

Starting a business is fun and exciting, especially when you’re still discovering the right idea that can quickly turn into a profitable company. Despite what people often think, it’s possible to set up a business with little to no money and still make it a huge success. As long as you do your research and know what you’re doing when it comes to business meetings and selling yourself or your product then you are well on your way. Keep in mind that starting a business is tough and it may be a hard slog at first because statistically you’re destined to fail. However, if you stick it out then your business will eventually get off the ground.

Interested in finding out more about how to start a business from home? Perhaps you’re looking for a business idea to start from home which will work out for you. Remember to focus on your main skills and talents as often this is the best way you will succeed in the start-up industry.

Cleaning Company

A widely regarded and one of the most straightforward business to make money from is to start your own cleaning company. There is no need to hire employees and having to sort out payroll right away as you’re more than able to start it on your own. If you’re someone who has always liked cleaning and can see yourself cleaning other people’s houses too, this is your perfect option.

 There is a small cost to initially set it up though as you will need to promote your new business (via Social Media or through posting leaflets through people’s doors) and then money to cover the cost of cleaning products too. While this might not cost a lot, it is something to think about before you jump in and decide on your business venture. Remember that after your first few clients, you could have regulars who want you to keep their house sparkly regularly which means more money and business for your new company!

Freelance Writing

Have you always wanted to spend your days writing? If so, starting your own freelance writing business may be the next step in your career. Freelance writing has been around for a few years now but has recently became more popular as people start their own businesses and side hustles away from their 9 to 5 job.

There are tons of opportunities in the freelance world to get your foot in the door and start getting paid from writing jobs. It may be that someone wants you to help write their first fictional book, or perhaps they need content writing for their new ecommerce brand – whatever the job is, there is a need out there for it. Websites such as Upwork and Freelancer are great for people just starting out in their business venture and will give you good quality leads to start building up a clientele.

Cupcake Making

Those who love to bake may find happiness starting a business in the baking industry. All it takes is some good quality ingredients from your cupboards and fridge and before you know it you’ll be well on your way to making countless cupcakes. If you have the funds it can be an even more lucrative business if you get your cupcakes delivered. By doing this you can reach people from all over rather than just those who can come and collect from your home. You never know, if you’re good enough then you could go national like popular cupcake delivery business – Candy’s Cupcakes who have had great success with their cupcakes!

Child Minder

Anyone who loves children and spending time with them could consider starting their own child-minding business. This is perfect if you’ve always wanted to do teaching but prefer the flexibility of organising your own hours. Child minding is a difficult job though, children can be hard work when they want to be! However, it is also an extremely rewarding job that can have large profit margins and bring about huge amounts of happiness. Ultimately you have to make a decision on whether you can take the pressure and stress of looking after various children at a time without help from others. If you’re up for the challenge – it’s a great business to start from home.

Makeup Artist

Calling all those passionate about makeup and being creative! Starting your own makeup business from home can be the ultimate business idea. The makeup business is worth billions of pounds and this is continuing to grow every year. If you’re up for the challenge of making hundreds of people feel their best, start a makeup business from home.

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