Is construction your business? Have you ever done any roofing projects with copper nails?

Whether you are a professional construction specialist or a DIY enthusiast which type of nails you use needs careful consideration.

How do copper nails differ?

Copper nails tend to be much more expensive than other nail alternatives like aluminum or galvanized nails.  They are usually high grade and are very corrosion resistant so do not rust. This also means they are durable and therefore have longevity properties that many other types of nails do not possess.

Why use copper nails instead of galvanized?

The use of copper nails is especially useful in coastal regions.  The climatic conditions at the coast can erode many metals.  Copper is very resistant to erosion, unlike galvanized nails which tend to be easily damaged in these areas.  Pollution can also be very corrosive and easily damage galvanized nails but copper nails are more resistant and last a lot longer.  Some building regulations prohibit the use of galvanized nails when attaching slate tiles but demand roofing projects with copper nails when using any form of slate tiles.  Most copper nails are available in a very wide range of lengths and gauges to suit every individual project need.

Which type of projects ideally need copper nails?

If you are fixing copper flashing, it needs to be done with copper nails as they are very durable.  They are expensive to buy but are cost effective.  Due to their longevity properties they do not have to be replaced as often as other types of nails, so this means there will be less repair and maintenance costs.  Copper nails are a perfect choice when creating a copper roof.  Many copper nails have pointed diamond tips which makes their insertion easy and also causes minimal damage to any metal sheets used.  The use of copper nails also means that they are easier to pull out when replacing a broken slate.  As previously mentioned, copper nails must be used when putting on slate tiles.  These tiles tend to be heavier than other tile forms.  This means it is very important to have them secured with nails that are less likely to erode and rust and nails that last a lot longer than other nail alternatives like aluminum nails.

 Can copper nails be used in non-roof projects?

Copper nails are perfect for all types of construction work.  They can be used in a wide variety of construction jobs such as a floor, skirting boards, copper gutters, roof decks and even for boat building projects.  The same qualities that make them ideal for fixing roofing tiles such as their resistance to erosion and non-rusting make them a perfect choice for a wide range of building projects.  For many, copper nails are their first choice.  Although more expensive than other nail options because they last so much longer they are very cost effective over a long period of time.

So next time you are buying nails, reach for copper ones.  More expensive, but well worth the additional expenditure.

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