How to Unlock Your AT&T Phone or Tablet : Quick Guide


What do you mean by AT&T?

Unlocking your AT&T Phone or Tablet can be as easy as a pie if only a few simple steps are followed. Before going into any complex theoretical analysis, let us try to get the hang of this complex acronym ‘AT&T. It stands for ‘American Telephone & Telegraph,’ a network service provider headquartered in the heart of Texas city.

Unlocking your AT&T phone will help you in eliminating certain restrictions imposed on the network service provider on your network services. By unlocking these devices, one can get access to several other service providers, their respective offers and packages; as per their convenience.

 It is a mandate that one has to be an official wireless user of AT&T services to unlock their AT&T phone. You need to have a certified device (branded) and it necessarily should be a first-hand one so that you can avail of this benefit.

There is no strict regulation about unlocking the device before a trip to any foreign land. An International Coverage accounts for any changes our device might need to undergo at the onset of the journey.

How to unlock Sprint Mobile Devices?

In order to unlock sprint mobile device, you need to install software. After installing the software, you need to root your device and reset your device. Once done, your network services have been unlocked forever.

How to unlock AT&T Mobile Devices?

There are several software available nowadays which can be downloaded to unlock AT&T devices. However, if downloading software is not your way, then other options are available too. Software from uncertified or unknown sources, can, without any doubt, harm your computer system- so it is better not to tread in that path. We can get the same job done just by following some simple steps. However, before getting enlightened about the steps, we must be fully aware of the eligibility criteria:

The eligibility criteria:

•    The device should be registered in your name or other words, and you cannot make these changes in a second-hand device.

•    If you have an Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) running from the time of our purchase, then you have to complete your period of payment before we can initiate this procedure.

•    In case of both the pre-paid or post-paid services, your dues must be apparent until the last bill issued/generated.

•    There should be no case of the stolen device, fraudulent or criminal activities involving the device.

•    From the time of activation, the SIM card should be in use for at least two months.

•    The device should not have multiple ‘AT&T’ accounts.

•    In case the method is a part of your business transactions (handed over by your place of work and not meant for your usage), it is best to take the permission of the Company Head or Managing Director before going for any changes.

•    In case you are alternating between two SIM cards, then these criteria need to be met by both.

Once these criteria get fulfilled, there is not a single obstacle in your path of unlocking your ‘AT&T’ device.

The steps involved to unlock AT&T phone are as follows:

•    Keep the IMEI number of your phone ready at hand. (IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity is a 17 digit code that can be accessed very easily by dialing #06# and pressing the ‘Call Button on your handset.’

•    A random search over the internet (worded: Unlock ’AT&T devices) will take us to several websites that offer this service for FREE.

•    We need to enter our mobile number, solve a Captcha, agree to the terms and conditions of the website, and wait for an authentication message (a matter of seconds). The authentication will help us to gain access to the second page.

•    In this page (presented in the manner of a form) we need to enter a few details (as regards our name, email id) and click on ‘Submit.’

•    A confirmation mail will be sent to us with the request ID.

•    The status of our request can be checked periodically (after two or three days of receiving the mail). It can also be obtained via email, directly posted by the website authorities.

•    Once we get to know that our request has been approved, we will receive a mail with the directions of unlocking our device.

•    We need to purchase/insert a non-‘AT&T’ SIM Card to ensure that the changes have been made.

•    The phone is to be switched on (by pressing and holding the Power Button), and the new PIN should be entered as per the instructions.

•    If the initial steps had been executed successfully, that is to say, that the original service provider had complied with our request we will get to see the much-awaited tag “SIM NETWORK UNLOCKED’ on the screen.

•    Automatically we will be directed to our Home-screen, and our device is now ready for use.

(Note: The instructions may vary slightly according to the type of device, so it is better to follow the individual steps as provided in the mail).

The final word: I hope this helps you to unlock AT&T phone. Once you have followed all the steps, you can avail the network plans of other network service providers.


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