DearMob iPhone Manager Review – The Best Alternative To iTunes

iPhones are great, and that has been established over time, but they are difficult to manage as compared to the Android counterparts as you cannot connect the iPhone to a laptop computer and start managing it and like Android phones. Being an iPhone user, you must be aware of having iTunes installed on your device as your options for managing your device are pretty limited. And we know that iTunes same is outdated as Apple hasn’t updated in a long time.

iTunes is time-consuming during syncing, backing up, and restoring, and it is not easy. Also, you can only transfer iOS data from iTunes to iOS devices, but not between iOS devices or from iOS devices to Android or Windows computers. Further, Apple has split iTunes into Apple Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV. Now, iPhone management is getting more tricky, and it’s time to switch to an alternative.

On that note, we are all aware that iTunes has its own limitations, and that is where the DearMob iPhone Manager comes into play. But you might be wondering how this manager is different from all other iPhone managers in the market. And that is why we are going to review the software in detail and tell you all the reasons why DearMob is the best iPhone manager available in the market right now. 

Reasons why DearMob is the best iTunes alternative:-

  • Photo Transfer – Within iPhone, you do not get an expandable storage option. While you can always get an iPhone with 128 GB storage or more but let’s be true; they are expensive, and if you take a lot of photos, you are likely to run out of storage quicker than you might think. With DearMob application, you can easily transfer files in a well-organized manner, and it’s only a few clicks away. Besides, with DearMob, you can transfer 100 pieces of 4K photos in 8 seconds without freezing error. It also comes with an option to convert HEIC to JPG. 

  • Music Sync – Everyone wants their music library to be always in sync with the new music that they have put on to iPhone. But it is not a strong feature of iTunes to keep your files always in sync. Whereas the DearMob is relatively faster when it comes to syncing your music without any issues whatsoever. DearMob can also auto convert Apple unfriendly OGG, FLAC, WMA, WAV, etc. to MP3/AAC format where you can manage your playlists without data loss. 

  • Video Management – You have an iPhone with an impressive camera; then, it’s safe to say that you might be shooting a lot of videos for Instagram and Snapchat. But we get the hang of the problem that it’s tricky to manage video files. The good thing is that with DearMob, you can manage these files with ease and even convert videos that are not supported by Apple. 

  • Back-up & Restore – The risk of losing your data lingers on everyone’s mind for both Android and iOS users. DearMob file Manager offers you the option to backup iPhone to external drive or iPad data on Mac or Windows with the choice to encrypt the backup files and password-protect photos, videos, and contacts.
  • App Management – Are you also confused about why Apple has removed the app management feature from iTunes? We all need to manage apps now and then, and if you do that frequently as me, then DearMob will be coming handy for app management feature as well. You can also transfer data from iPhone to iPhone

Have a quick look at a tutorial by Dearmob iPhone Manager:–

Thus it is safe to say that DearMob is the number one iTunes alternative available for iPhone as it’s an easy iOS manager to transfer your data music apps, files in a password protected way. Further, DearMob supports all file formats as compared to iTunes, which supports MP3, MP4, M4A, MOV, and H.264 only.

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