How to Block IP Address in WordPress

WordPress has proven itself extraordinary in the area of web designing and development as far as being extremely convenient to users. Unlike the rest, it allows multiple users to access and manage the website created on this forum. And it does not cost a dime when we all know how expensive it could be to make and manage a website nowadays. Not only that, WordPress also updates its features, constantly, in an attempt to keep up with the latest trends and styles. Awareness of these trends is crucial. In order to move with the pace of our age, we need to know what is going on around us. We must look into adopting successful trends which bear the potential of aiding us in achieving our goals. To that end, we must constantly learn and upgrade our methods such as introducing WordPress to our systems; upgrading it in due time, and learning to use it creatively, may do the trick. In fact, restricting to only software and apps isn’t enough, we should move beyond our comfort zone and expose ourselves to as many opinions as we can. This will help us sneak into the mindset of the layman as well as a professional so to come up with an idea that touches everyone. Being mindful of both the types is compulsory. Just saying.

In this article, we will discuss the problems one may face while using WordPress and the actions one can take to combat them. Specifically, we will discuss how one can block an IP address in WordPress so you can steer clear from the hackers all around you.

On Managing WordPress

In case you have been constantly bugged by spam emails and comments, the first thing to hide is your IP address. Your IP address has great power, as it is like your system’s identity card. If this doesn’t make sense to you, here’s another analogy: your IP address is like your city or country, if we take the internet as the entire world. It is just like the address to your physical location. Thus anyone can reach you if they know your IP Address. And this is what should worry you. Why? Because if there are hackers on the prowl, they can easily seek you out provided they get a hold of your IP address.

You should know that on WordPress, it is really easy to find the IP address. You can even find your visitor’s IP address in your web-site’s access log documents. Just the way you get the address of your visitors, in the same manner, the websites you visit, also get your IP address, and that’s how your information is not just restricted to you. If you want to hide this information, you have to use a virtual private network. You can hide your IP address, as well as other private information, by using one of those networks.

To avoid having your website inaccessible due to constant spamming and hacking, you can block your IP address from your website and hide it before it is leaked on other websites.

Here are a few steps you need to take in order to block your IP address:

·      Check your server’s access log

·      Login to the cPanel dashboard of your WordPress account

·      Open the “logs” section

·      Open “raw access folder”  

Here you will find your domain name to access logs file.

·      In .gz archive file, you will find your access log file

·      Extract it

·      You can open the extracted file in Notepad

This access log file will show all the requests made to your website. You can see the

IP address of these requests. While you’re doing this, avoid blocking yourself.

·      Access IP lookup tools to analyze suspicious IP addresses.

The next thing you should do is block these suspicious IP addresses. Here’s the quick way of doing that:

·      Go to the WordPress admin area

·      Open Settings

·      Go to Discussion

·      Click “comment blacklist”

·     Now, copy the suspicious IP addresses and paste them. Click the “save changes” button.

This is how simple the method of removing such inconveniences from the everyday ordeal is. After all who doesn’t use the internet these days? Everyone needs to make adjustments according to their needs of the internet. Television, phone, and the internet have now become the basic needs of the modern man. Without any of these services, one cannot imagine leading a productive day. Even for the smallest of tasks, like ordering Uber to go to work, instantly checking the meaning of a word, or checking the weather forecast before you pick on a dress for the next day – you need internet! Television, on the other hand, not just connects one to the outdoor world, it also serves as a great medium for entertainment. Similarly, telephone service lets you reach out to your distant relatives, friends or family. How convenient would it be if we could have all three services in one package at an economical price? Most service providers do have a variety of packages that include singular service, double as well as triple play deals. There are several Spectrum deals that include all the stated services. Go to their website to see the offers that fit your needs well. 

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