Latest iPhone Model and How to Choose Them

iPhone can be said to be the most important gadget for the last decade. This gadget changes how mobile phone manufacturers create their product and designs its concept. It wasn’t surprising when this gadget has attracted more attention on its first release. Since that first release in 2007, Apple had developed different series and models for this gadget. Every year they always launch new iPhone Model with new features and improvement compared to the previous model. This is also the reason, why most of these iPhone users keep using this gadget. They always got something new every year.

The year 2018 can be said as the challenging years for Apple. Their competitor has launched many amazing products. However, Apple reacts calmly to this situation. They keep doing their job every year. Last year, they launched iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, which become the best Smartphone on the market. Apple gives their user more option. However, the most important question here is which is the right product for users? Each of those products has advantages and special features. Basically, Apple user will be satisfied with what they will get from those new iPhone models. Here are the reasons.

iPhone X                                                

Apple had made many breakthroughs for every iPhone product that they’ve launched. However, those were only small changes, compared to previous iPhone model. There are indeed some new features and functionality. But, it doesn’t give drastic changes that will give the iPhone users new experience, when they use the gadget. Many users felt that Apple has run out their ideas after Steve Jobs passed away. However, iPhone X has come into surface. This gadget is how Apple proves to their user, that they still have many to offers. The iPhone X is very different, compared to other iPhone model.

The first change is its design. Compared to the previous model, iPhone X has slimmer and sleek design. With more rounded edge, Apple seems to try to make comfortable to hold iPhone. The design also makes this Smartphone has more elegance than other iPhone model. The changes were actually surprised many iPhone users. They, who are getting used to the iPhone design that, mostly, it doesn’t change for many years, are expected this, actually.

The design isn’t the only one that’s changed from this new iPhone Model. The feature and function of this new iPhone also have drastically changed. For example, the camera uses the new system that can produce a good quality image. When iPhone X was tested by comparing with Samsung Note 8, the image quality taken with iPhone X is much better. More than that, Apple also removes the home button and changes it into full digital/touchscreen button. In the past, this home button is the trademark of iPhone. But, with this change, it seems, Apple was trying to start something new. Will it be a new gadget series?

These changes also become beneficial for iPhone user. Actually, the home button, as well as fingerprint sensor is very annoying. Therefore, Apple removes it. To replace that features, Apple had installed other more useful feature. The new features here are the Face ID security system. This system is used to unlock the iPhone, so the user can enter and use it. Besides that, there is also new navigation gestures system.

Compared to other iPhone model, iPhone X can be considered to be the best iPhone that ever launched. With new and beautiful design, as well as many interactive and useful features, most of iPhone users will be really satisfied with its performance. And, Apple also set the price at quite an expensive price. That makes it become one of the most expensive iPhone today. However, this is a reasonable price, as it’s equal to all features and performance that this iPhone has.

iPhone 8                                                   

Apple launches this product along with iPhone X. This is unfortunate, however. It does feel that iPhone 8 is the second option, compared to iPhone X. This doesn’t surprise at all. Apple promoted iPhone X as the best, future Smartphone and such. Therefore, most people are more interested in iPhone X than iPhone 8 series. However, for some of iPhone users, actually, iPhone 8 is a blessing for them. Those who are still comfortable with iPhone old design can choose this product as their main option.

And, like previous iPhone model, Apple also has improved the features and performances of iPhone 8. For example, the camera feature on iPhone 8 is much better than the previous series. It can produce the best quality image. More than that, it also has wireless charging features. The user won’t be bothered by cable and such. For durability, iPhone 8 got IP67 certification. With this certification, this product has much better resistant to water and dust. It even can survive after being submerged into 1 m depth of water for 30 minutes. It still works fine like normal.

The other features are 4.7 inches display with 1,334 x 750 pixels resolution. It’s quite disappointing because it has smaller screen size. But, with its resolution, it can produce a high-quality image with sharp color supported by True Tone technology. With this feature, the user can adjust the display screen like what they want. For performance, Apple use A11 Bionic processor and 2 GB RAM, which make this product, can run smoothly and very responsive.

Choosing the Best iPhone

With the latest iPhone Model offered, choosing the best one should be easier to do. Finding iPhone based on features that needed by iPhone’s users is the easiest thing to do. If the feature can help users activities, that would be the best choice and it doesn’t need to be new iPhone. New iPhone is for those who want to do a heavy task on their iPhone, for example, online streaming or playing game. However, for iPhone’s users who just want to use iPhone for standard usage of Smartphone, like calling, texting and browsing the internet, they don’t need to choose the latest iPhone.



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