Amazing High-Paying Careers

Every employee aspires to get decent pay, but that is not always the case. It is never easy to strike a balance between getting well paid and, at the same time, enjoying a desired work-life balance. Most often, people tend to get a second job to bridge the financial gap, of which they end up sacrificing part of their free time to work.

Below are some decent-paying jobs that you might want to consider and get yourself some reprieve. It might take you some time to establish a footing in the career of your choice, but you can grow with time.

Mental Health therapist

You can put your psychology and counseling degree to good use by considering this profession. You can help others and at the same time, earn good money. The average pay for a mental therapist is 36 dollars per hour. Additionally, you can decide to specialize in a specific mental health issue, such as depression or anorexia.

Music teacher

If you love music and feel talented, you could enroll for a degree course in music. Then teach in a learning institution. You could also specialize in a specific instrument and obtain certification to teach. The average salary for a music teacher is $36 per hour.

Athletics Trainer

As an athletic trainer, you can practice in different environments. You can train in coaching classes, training grounds, or school fields. You will need to take a course in sports science from an accredited university or college. Then it will now be upon you to decide what age group you wish to train. The average salary for a trainer is around 25 dollars per hour.

Appliance technician

It is a profession that requires a passion for fixing things, as well as having real patience. You could easily earn $29 an hour repairing household appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, cookers, and dishwashers. You require certification from an institution that is fully accredited.

Social Worker

A social worker is responsible for supporting the vulnerable and weak members of society. Such people include old-age pensioners, young offenders, and neglected children. It is a challenging profession but also rewarding with an average pay of about $28 an hour. By the way, essays on social work are very popular among students, and they often look for social work essay writing service.

Event Planner

If you have an eye for colorful events and orderly arrangements, you can start your event planning service. Make those parties unforgettable and worthwhile seminars and conferences. The average earning for an event planner is $25 an hour but could rise to $50.

Clinical lab technician

If you love crime investigative movies and interested in forensic science, then you should try being a lab technician. Your role will be to analyze tissues and bodily fluids from collected samples. The average salary for a lab technician is $25 an hour.


If you are an outdoor lover, landscaping could be your career. The job does not require specific academic qualifications. All you need to do is to showcase your portfolio and win clients. The average pay for a landscaper is $30 an hour.

Surgical Technologist

The job entails being in the operating room, prepping for surgery, and helping with technical equipment. Remember, you will not be operating anybody in there. You need to go through a course to work in this field. The average pay for this job is around $31 an hour.


You don’t have to suffer anymore from the stresses of employment and working many jobs to make ends meet. Perform some soul searching and figure out what you are passionate about and align your passion to any of the professions stated above and work towards being the best at it. The pay might not seem adequate at first, but with time and experience, you will be reaping the fruit of your hard work.

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