How Much Do Mobile Tire Changes Cost?

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As any car owner will agree, vehicle maintenance can be expensive. However, these steps are crucial to ensuring that your vehicle runs smoothly and safely, thus prolonging its life. Keeping a car in good condition is often less expensive than investing in an entirely new vehicle, so the occasional upgrades and repairs are generally more manageable.

However, any practical car owner is always looking to save money where they can and search for the best deals when it comes time to service their vehicle. But being financially responsible and receiving convenient service doesn’t always go hand in hand– or does it? With mobile tire service, you can have the professionals come to you without breaking the bank. But what exactly is mobile tire service, and how much does it cost? Let’s take a look!

What is mobile tire service?

Mobile tire service is all about convenience. Rather than driving (or being towed, in the case of a blown tire) to the nearest physical brick-and-mortar gas station or auto body shop, mobile tire technicians come to you. Whether it’s a scheduled appointment or an emergency tire situation, the professionals will arrive with all the tools they need, ready to service your vehicle.

This potentially opens up hours of your day! Rather than waiting at the shop, you can continue with your day, whether you’re at home or work, and will only need to pop out to say hello and goodbye to the technicians. By using a mobile tire service, you get to maximize your day while feeling confident that you’re receiving quality service.

What services are provided by mobile tire companies?

While each company varies in which services they are able to offer, some common services that you can typically book with mobile tire companies include:

Mounting and balancing

Ensure a smooth ride and a longer lifespan for your tires by having them mounted and balanced roughly every 10,000 km.

Seasonal tire change

Don’t waste time going to a physical shop every spring and winter to switch over your tires. By having a technician come to you, seasonal tire changes won’t feel like as much of a hassle.

Tire repairs

A flat or blown tire can be a stressful experience, often leaving you feeling stranded. With a mobile tire service, you can have someone to your location quickly, ensuring you don’t have to pay for a costly tow to a shop.

Managing corporate fleets

From dead batteries to seasonal tire changes, you can book a mobile tire service to come to your business at regular intervals, ensuring your fleet is in peak condition and that they’re always road-worthy.

Battery boosting

It’s incredible how annoying it is to leave a light on in your car. Not everyone has a neighbour to help boost their vehicle, but a mobile tire company is always available to help!

Tire and rim sales

Established mobile tire companies have a wide selection of top tire and rim brands available to you. Once you determine which makes the most sense for your vehicle and your appointment is booked, technicians will bring the tires directly to you and install them onto your car.

Tire storage

Tires can take up a surprisingly large amount of space in your garage or storage locker. Free up that space by having a mobile tire company manage them for you. Once you’re in need of them again, they will simply bring them back to you.

How much do mobile tire changes cost?

While the cost will likely vary between companies, a good baseline to expect is around $90 for flat tire repairs or tire changes, provided it’s on the rims. If it’s off the rims, you may expect to pay closer to $160. Reputable and responsible mobile tire companies will ensure all newly added tires are properly inflated, balanced, and installed.

While this may be slightly more expensive than going to a regular shop, it’s important to remember that you are saving time, stress, and gas. Plus, you’re paying for technicians to come to you, so consider the few extra dollars a convenience fee.

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