Infinity Q50 All New Engines Debuts

The 2016 Chicago Auto Show has shock the automotive with some of branded car manufacture has make innovation for their car series. Infinity that includes leading US car gives us sprinkle information for their new Infinity Q50 series. The Infinity Q50 comes with new three turbocharged engine options. Here are details for your new Infinity Q50 new engine option. The Infinity Q50 has major changes in under skin that mitigate for the previous complaints in the last series. It loads with more electronics and make the model bitter about that.

Infinity Q50 Engine Option Details


The Infinity Q50 is tech fan dream since it boasts more than other car manufacture. The centerpiece of q50 updated series is all new VR 30 3.0 liter V6 engine with twin turbocharger and direct fuel injection system. This engine capacity produces 328 horsepower with Q50 3.0 and the full 400 horsepower with top range in Q50 Red Sport 400 series. Both of models are come with rear wheel drive as standard and all wheel drive as an option. From Infinity manufacture, it is state that the maximum boost reach as high as 14,5 psi in 400, with highest power for both engines occur at 6400 rpm. The engine put torque outputs in 295lb-feet in 3.0t and reach 350 for the red Sport, with tap from 1600 to 2500 rpm. The hybrid is a bit of rocket performance and gives extra power for highway cruiser.

Bro, New Infinity Q50 got Boosted

As it stated before, the new Infinity Q50 400 horsepower is planting in this chassis. The boasting equal bore, stoke dimensions, and system with direct injection add the response on throttle with small electric motor to valve timing addition. The 2016 Infinity Q50 comes with new four cylinders. Rear or AAWD are able to order with any of four power trains and it is able with 7 automatic speed.


Aside of different engine mount and set up tune, the greater flow capacity with 400 intercoolers and the optical speed sensors add more powerful turbochargers versions. It is says that there are more technical specific to share by official Infinity in the spring.

New Steering Option for Better Direction

The new 2016 Infinity Q50 offers their first steer with wire system in car production. The direct adaptive steering or DAS that definitely with steering wheel has no physical connection with rack but it related with electronic failure case. This feature has revised with software that updated and supposedly has better mimic feeling for drivers that have conventional system. The new steering system also claim with more gradually build and includes to three settings with Default, Dynamic and Dynamic + that separate from the Infinity Q50 six drive modes. This system now is available in standard sport+ segment. Most of Infinity Q50 will equipped with normal electric steering power wth two selectable modes. On other side, the Red Sport 400 will have only the sportier from two. The four cylinders model will use electro hydraulic setup where in electric pump use for move hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic system adds easier and enjoy the joyride.



The new Infinity Q50 also has modified multilink rear suspension with more aluminum pieces, new shocks, rear anti roll bars, and stiffer front. The new adaptive setup that called with Dynamic Digital Suspension reacts to road condition and firms up dampers in Infinity Q50 Sport and Sport+ modes. The dual screen InTouch infotainment system added for comfortable and joyride. However, the pricing and fuel economy ratings are not yet available. For Infinity driver that interest to this car need to wait for the price released.

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