Best Android Apps for Weather Support

People of course do not want to get drenched because of the rain. They need to bring along the jacket or the rain coat for avoiding this condition but it must be just a waste if the weather is pretty hot. That is why it is important for people to get better understanding about the weather cast. People usually have to check the weather cast on the television or other media but now, they can use technology especially the Android apps and widgets for getting information about the weather cast. Here are some best options of weather support for their Android device.

YoWindow Free Weather

YoWindow Free WeatherSome people only need the weather app which can give them prediction about the weather so there is no need to use the app which comes with great performance. However, there is no doubt that they will be able to be pleased when they get the weather app with great looking such as YoWindow Free Weather app. People will not find the simple icons which become the representation of rain, sunshine, and clouds. Cartoon landscape will be used for reflecting the real time weather in their current position. It is also easy to use.

MORECAST – Free Premium Weather

MORECAST – Free Premium WeatherIf people are looking for the weather app which comes with the most intuitive design, there is no question that MORECASR can be a great option. It has the great looking appearance. Its interface is also intuitive with vertical list layout which is very easy to use as well as interpret. At the top of the interface, people will see the real feel as well as current weather condition. More detailed information about the weather of the day can be found simply by scrolling down the interface. Tomorrow and seven day view can be found simple by swiping and scrolling down again.


WeatherBugPeople can find another great weather app for Android with WeatherBug. It comes with the best design as well as use interface. The weather forecast can be found not only for their city but also the neighborhood. It does not only offer the weather forecast as well as the warnings for severe weather condition because it is also incorporated with the traffic camera section so people can avoid the traffic jams. This app can be customized according to their lifestyle so people can get information whether they are able to run to the gym on a certain day for instance.

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