Convey Your Emotions to a Woman by Flowers

Women are the most complicated creatures in the world. No No! I am not saying this, but everyone does. It is next to impossible to please a woman but here is good news for all those who wanted to make their women happy. Want to know? Relax I am telling you. You can please your woman just by flowers. Flowers? Is it that simple? Actually, it is. Just a little more care and some special guidelines to follow and you are good to go. Who can guide you? Do not worry. I am here to help you as your friend. Follow them exactly and please your love lady. So, lets’ start without wasting any time further.

When to present flowers?

Flowers are more than enough to make us happy. It shows our love and emotions and there is no bad time to give flowers. Give it anytime and it can make your partner go mad with happiness. But, to be precise, there are some special occasions which demand to present flowers, for sure. These special occasions are:

1. On your date:

Flowers make every date beautiful especially when it is your first date. If you are un-decisive about what to give on your first date to please your girlfriend then consider giving her a beautiful rose bouquet without any doubts in mind. I can bet you, she will simply love it and your date will be amazing.

2. At the saddest night:

Sadness and depression are a part of life, especially for girls. If your girl is sad at any night then present here a lovely white colored bouquet without any doubt to cheer her up. Thinking from where to order the flowers at night? Then do not worry and check

3. On Valentine’s day:

Like a girl but scared to express your feelings? Then the time has come to express your feelings without the fear of getting rejected. Yes, it is the Valentine day and show your love by giving a beautiful bouquet to your loved ones. I am sure she will never reject you. So, go for it!

4. During mood swings:

Mood swings and girls have old relation. If your girl is showing any tantrums then calm her down with a bouquet of roses and some chocolates. She will go crazy and will love you even more.

5. At your anniversary:

Your anniversaries must be the most important time for you. I suggest giving beautiful flowers to your girl not only at one year anniversary but at one month anniversary too. This way you can show how much you love her. Isn’t it an amazing idea?

What Kind of flowers Women love?

Now comes the trickiest question. What flower she will love? Be very careful at choosing the flowers because girls are quite aware of the color myths and meanings related to flowers. So here are some options:

1. Roses:

The first choice is undoubtedly “roses”. All girls die for roses and they are romantic at the same time. To express your feelings to a woman nothing can be better than roses’ bouquet. But here comes the question of which color rose should you present? Remember every rose has a different meaning. Red can show your true love while black can tell that you hate her. That’s scary, right? So, choose wisely.

2. Lilies:

Lilies are perfect to give to your lady. They are elegant and classy and show your pureness towards her.

3. Daisies:

Do you love to see your girl smile? If yes then daisies are a perfect choice. These flowers are very cheerful and vibrant to make your girl happy and smiling all the way. If you are finding any difficulty in searching for daisies then check for

4. Orchids:

Valentine’s day is approaching but you don’t want to gift red roses? Then, orchids are the best alternative. They will show your love, seriousness and care towards your girl quite well.

How to present her flowers?

Now, after clearing all the queries time has come to present the bouquet. Try to do it in an unusual way to show her that she is special. Some chocolate bouquets will really complement this idea. Just order a bouquet from and bow down on your knees to treat your princess well.

Hope this idea works well for you. Go and show your love!

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