What to avoid after Undergoing an Oral Surgery

Your body is important to life and much of your success depends on the fact that whether your body is healthy or not. A diseased and unhealthy body may not help achieve your goal. People need to take care of each of their body part so that it functions properly. And same goes true for your mouth and since it contains many parts like teeth, tongue, chicks, gums, tooth cavity it is important to give extra care to it.

Taking care of your mouth becomes very important and it becomes even more important when you have undergone oral surgery. Though there are plenty of things those should be keep into consideration after undergoing an oral surgery however it is beyond the scope of this article and we will describe only nutritional part in this article. Means we are going to describe those things that you need to avoid after undergoing an oral surgery.

Refined Carbohydrates- Refined carbohydrates is one of those things that should be avoided right away after you have gone through an oral surgery. This may include various food items like chips, bread, pasta, crackers, etc. In fact people used to eat a lot of such things and continue without washing their mouth thoroughly as a result bacteria feed on leftover food particles in the mouth and produce acid, which causes decay.

Avoid Chewy and sticky foods- Another important food items those should be avoided are sticky and chewy foods like jellybeans, honey, raisins, granola bars, and caramel. These food items tend to stick to our teeth making tough for saliva to wash away their sugar that may ultimately lead to tooth decay.

Carbonated soft drinks- Carbonated soft drinks may be tempting but are dangerous to your mouth cavity as these food items contain high amount of sugar and phosphorous that wear away tooth enamel and thus such food items should be avoided.

Sports drinks- Sports drinks are becoming popular these days among youth specially those who are willing to have an athlete body. This is a craze among individuals that are into some kinds of sports, however, we need to realize this that most of these sports drinks have pH levels comparable to carbonated soft drinks, which cause dental erosion. Thus if you have undergone an oral surgery it is important to avoid these.

Consult a Plastic and Oral Maxillofacial Surgery- If you have got a deformed facial part or having a cleft on teeth then consulting a Plastic and Oral Maxillofacial Surgery expert like Dr Haithem Elhadi Babiker  could be of immense use as they can restore your normal appearance with minor surgeries.

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