Here’s How You Can Work Out at Work (Without Looking Weird)

It’s a well-known fact that working out leads to a healthier life. It is very easy to find an excuse in this modern, hectic life where every single moment of the day is already planned out. You juggle between task and errands 24/7 and do your best to find a balance between work, social life, and hobbies.

Physical activity is usually put aside due to the inability to find will or time, which can only reflect poorly on your health eventually. There is a way to compromise and World Gym Palm Desert folks were kind enough to shed some light on how to squeeze in some exercise while at work.

Results have shown that by exercising regularly you not only improve your physical and mental state, but your productivity is also increased.

Cycle to work

If circumstances allow it, you should stay away from public transportation or your car and turn to bicycle, walking, jogging, or any other form of active movement. This cardio exercise is a perfect way to start your day.

Lunchtime is workout time

If you really have no other option and your work does not allow any form of exercise or give you enough time to visit your favorite Palm Springs fitness center then you can use lunchtime to go to a gym, if there is any in your proximity, or just do some jogging or fast walking around your office building. This regime is perfect to help you stay awake after the lunch break when it is hardest to maintain focus.

Pilates ball

Yes, that giant thing which looks silly when people sit on it, but it’s actually quite useful. As you sit on it, your own body weight causes the ball to move which you then need to coordinate and balance with your abdominal muscles, so basically, you are exercising without putting too much effort. Just imagine how impactful sitting on the ball for 8 hours, 5 days a week is, which you would normally do on a regular chair anyway.

Get up from your chair as often as possible

Literally, use any moment you can spare to get up and just walk around the office or through the hallway for a while. Walk around the building, don’t use the elevator. Get up as soon as you start feeling uncomfortable on the chair. It’s better to walk around then continue laying stress on your body by exerting long sessions of sitting.

You are on the phone? Why don’t you take a walk?

If you are on the phone a lot, then this is a great opportunity to mix those long conversations with some physical activity, it could be anything really. Many people tend to do multitask while they’re on the phone and the best way to use that extra energy is to walk around while talking. You’d also avoid distracting your coworkers.

Don’t use shortcuts

Always take a long way if time allows it. Stop using elevators completely, even if your office is on the sixth floor. You can park your car farther or use a bathroom on the other side of the building. The idea is to make it so that it takes more effort to reach certain areas

Find some company

You are not alone in the effort to introduce a more physically active way of life into your busy hours, your coworkers would surely be a great company and support. You should get together and organize to exercise at the office on a regular basis. This can include any of the activities mentioned above, and it is way more fun to have people around and add some humor or even competitive element to it. You would all be working towards the same goal and motivate each other constantly.

Your desk is a good place to start

It’s perfectly fine to do some exercise at your desk. You can’t stand up every once in a while and do some stretches. This will break the monotony of the grind at work and give you a burst of energy to continue. This makes you more awake and productive and breaks long, unhealthy hours of sitting in one position.

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