Planning to Hire a Limousine? Save Money with These Tips

Limousines come in handy when you have an event to attend or you are holding your own. It could be a birthday party, a road trip or even a wedding. What hinders most people from hiring a limo are the costs involved. They find the services pricey keeping in mind that you only hire a limousine for a short period. Despite this, you can stretch every dollar to get more for less.

Ask Friends For Referrals

When you don’t know of any good limo companies in your area, the best starting place is to ask your friends. They will either tell you about their positive or negative experiences and this can help you avoid or know who to contact first. For example a great company in Sydney is:

 Ask if they have Any Deals

Just like other entities in the travel industry, you can get deals from a limousine company. For example, they offer deals for weddings or they have corporate deals. This is what you should take advantage of but don’t forget to ask about what is included. If you are flexible about the date of the event, change it to enjoy the seasonal offers.

Reduce the Services

A limo company may have basic services they offer as a package. Some of these services you may never use and there is no point in paying for them. If the company offers a fully-stocked bar and no one takes alcohol amongst you, it would be better if the service is not provided. Talk to the company’s representative, understand what is included in the package and see if there are services that can be scrapped off to reduce the rate.

Shop Around

Like when shopping for any product or service, to get the best deal it is important to shop around. Get quotes from multiple service providers to understand who is overcharging and what the average cost is in your area. When doing this make sure you are comparing the same services and vehicles to ensure consistency. 

Do Not Have Multiple Pick Up Points

If the hire involves picking up multiple passengers from different points, the costs will be higher unlike when you have one or two pickup points. What most people do to cut costs associated with multiple pickups is they get one pick up point where they meet before time. This will save on costs and time especially for the person that would have been picked first.

Get a Signed Contract

Due to unavoidable circumstances, you may have to cancel your limo reservation. You do not have to lose the entire amount. You can cut down on how much you lose but only if you understand their cancellation policy. This should not be verbal but instead get a signed contract and ensure you understand everything before you sign on the dotted lines.

It’s true that limousine hires are expensive. One thing you should note is that it also depends on various aspects such as the services offered, the size of the vehicle and how many pickup points there are. By deciding what you need and what is not necessary, you can cut down on the hire costs significantly.

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