Mom, Here the List of Promising Home Business to Kill Your Time at Home

Husband works until night and kids at school until afternoon. Some housewife who doesn’t work at office may feel bored waiting their family to get back home. Looking now days, home business has become a new income resource without needing a big sum of investment. Take this chance! It can be an opportunity for mom to challenge their entrepreneur skill while still having enough time with your family.

Here is the list of promising small home business for mom to kill your boring time at home. Check it out!

1. Catering

Cooking can’t be separated from mom. Some of them even get a gifted hand and fell in love with cooking world. Why don’t you consider open a catering business? If you usually cook only in small portion for your family, now you can double up the portion.

No need to start up with big orders. You can start to promote your cooks to your neighbors, close friends, or your community events. It’s the first way to get customers and product sampling. Once you get a good feedback, you can start taking orders for larger orders. Promote your products through your colleagues, fliers, social media, etc. to develop your business.

2. Caregiver (Kids, Elders or Pets)

Mother is a natural caregiver. Even without anyone asking, they would take care their kids and parents. If you love to do so, caregiver business can be your perfect work at home. Now days, most of parents are busy with office work. They almost have no time to fully watch their kids or elders at home, so they entrust them at a day care. Take this opportunity!

Most of families also have pets. Since taking care of pets need more efforts and equipment which surprisingly pricey, if you don’t put all your might into it, you might find difficulty. You can only start up with taking the pets for walk or playing with them at home.

3. Consultant

Mom, are you a bachelor of any specific department? Or you have knowledge in any industry that might be helpful for others? Business, law, design, beauty care, music or whatever your specialized knowledge, other people might want to pay you high to be their consultant. Consultant is very promising since you don’t need to be in the office or high startup budget while still getting enough paying from your expertise.

4. Event Planner

When you organize your kid’s birthday, you may find it interesting, don’t you? Maybe event planner is your gifted job. Start up with small events such as your kid’s friend birthday party, neighbors’ anniversary party, colleagues gathering event, and many more. Make sure to build a good networking to keep your business run longer.

5. Artist

Artist doesn’t always mean people who work in TV, but more for someone who have any talent and can get reciprocal from it like paying or award. If you have any talent like painting, designing, sewing, writing, and many others, you can sell your work of arts. There are several ways to turn your passion into big profit.

6. Online Shop

Online shop is a big boomer business in recent years. Almost all the business is going online. Why don’t you take a part on it, Mom? You can choose any products that you have the most high confident on it. You can also choose to produce or stock the products at home or simply drop shipping. You have limitless options.

There are numerous types of small home business for mom that you can try. Not only killing your boring time at home, you can also get enough additional income. Try at home, Mom!

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