NBA 2K: MyCareer, The Neighborhood, MyTeam and Create-A-Player

So one thing is clear that every aspect of the game can’t be covered in a single article. An entire book can be published on the game, and that too of multi volume.

This article will focus on MyCareer, The Neighborhood, MyTeam and Create-A-Player Options.

The Neighborhood is a very Creative move.

To make it simple Neighborhood concept allows the open world entry into 2k franchise. Multi-pronged feature of MyCareer is a newest feature into virtual game world.

There is a Road to 99 theme which means you need to guide your player to 99 ratings. To make you aware of your progress in the game Progression Bars have been provided. This was needed in Mycareer game since a very long time. Though there is an issue, open world experience doesn’t offer you much guidance and focus, but Road to 99 and general sports theme is welcome move.

The neighborhood provides you with multi sub features, multiple parks to provide you street ball experience, a hangout zone called 2K Zone with mini games, a tattoo parlor, Pro-Am Gym, foot locker to keep your boot collections and also there is a clothing store.

If you still can’t imagine the neighborhood other than being a basketball game feature, than think of Grand Theft Auto and combine it with Nba 2k series, you will definitely get an idea. Most of my initial time in the game was spent in here, I wandered quite a lot in the streets really enjoying it. Also I saw other of my gamer friends tramping around the streets. Looked like quite an interesting feature.

I am still falling short of appreciating this feature to its fullest. Though the short fall is not in the game but to really enjoy the game myself I need to get to my gaming chair, experiencing the minute details to know it well.

The character creation feature has different in the store this year. It has some change and also its upgrade system. This year there are 189 different archetypes. This season follow some direct classifications from 2k17 , also there are some hybrid as well.

Some of the specimen for blended archetypes:

Every archetypes have badge caps where players can earn gold silver and bronze badges. This is a huge range and this helps player to individualize in the eSports scene. When the face scanning application will be there, it will be an interesting feature to try.

What appear as a weak ground?

The real problem could be the server issues that has always been a Achilles heel for NBA 2k series. On the top the introduction of Neighborhood has put some extra burden on the game and if servers won’t work properly at the launch then it’s going to get a lot of thrashings on the social media.

Fans are hoping that the development team will not get intimidated by the expectations for doing better and will give their best work to the fans.

MyTeam got what it really wanted

We did not have much time to explore all the features of the game in the hectic environment. Least I saw was MyTeam during the preview event. Certainly I want to spend some more time on it to get it full. The draft mode here is Packs and Play which looks as most attractive to fans as they are going to spend most time in this mode of MyTeam.

There are number of challenges that will keep you busy.

There is a SuperMax mode in MyTeam. This is a restricted way to play the game which was a needed add on.

What could be wrong here

First, server problem will deter the MyTeam efficiency, but there are issues too. In the last edition of the game there was a non-sim-like action that was really a great upset for the fans who were more into realistic play. Though we have been told about system proficiency to remove the negative elements but till the time the game comes out nothing can be said.

There seems a degradation in the CAP option

More options are there to select from various new hairstyles and tattoos, but offline options for create a player has taken a downslope. You will have multiple options to select your hairstyle from, though embellishing your created player with tattoo is still not possible. I have been disappointed with this as I still can’t understand why this is not possible.

Another problematic feature is during the creation of player when you use facial sliding feature in the CAP suite. Spent some time on it and found out that it has degraded itself compared to last time as it gave me fewer options to individualize my creation.

More or less NBA has definitely introduced this new concept  this year’, but failed to live up to the gamer’s expectations. Moreover  getting vc’s has always been a heck for gamers, although they can find a lot of nba 2k18 vc glitch are available online.  So final verdict on NBAs 2k18’s My neighbourhood , MyTeam & create a player is definitely a meager one.

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