Latest jewellery design trends globally

Fashion itself is very fickle and thus with the change in time, one needs to adapt oneself to the changing altercations in its trends. Keeping yourselves updated as per the global trends in the fashion not only increases your style quotient but also makes you feel good about yourself. Keeping in mind these changes let us explore the latest trends in the design of jewellery in the past few years.

  • Individuality: The previous year had primarily focused on the individual and originality of ornaments. The trend had an inclination for exotic big sized ornaments with a touch of a rarity. Further, there was a penchant for flashy stones and gems that would come in various ranges of colours.
  • Maximalist designs: There has been an increasing inclination towards the intricacy in design that was a feature of the Renaissance. Experts have been looking forward to designs that have more and more floral designs and are rich in their styles. There has also been a culture of boho designs that will be an extension of the feminine personality of women.
  • Metal: There has been an increased demand for metallic jewellery, especially for ears in the fashion trend of this year. This calls for an increased designing of gold chains for women and gold pendant sets. These will not only make your look sophisticated but will go with any occasion. Not only gold tainted ornaments, but there has been a call for use of materials that contain alloys and other mismatched materials that will make the ornaments look artsy and fancy at the same time.
  • Pearls and stones: This year has also seen the bringing back of pearls and other stones into the picture. Stones have been used in various designs, especially in a voluminous patchwork of metal and stones to make them both sophisticated and appealing. These stones come in unique colours and sizes. Pearls, on the other hand, have been given a new touch and their designing have been widely explored. Both stones and pearls are having serious moments as they are extremely suitable for the cold weather.
  • Birthstones: There has been an increased fascination with spiritual and customized ornaments. Women have been seen to look for jewellery that can be customized with the use of stones that suit their zodiac sign the best. There has been an increased penchant for ornaments that can be customized according to their birthstones and themed with their zodiac signs.
  • Street style: The global trend right now also focuses on street style. It further makes it possible to style ornate pieces of jewellery such as a gold chain with the street style. It fosters the missing and matching of the fragile and bold jewellery to fit in the style of the streets. The bling wear can be mixed and matched with the intricate gold locket to have a collage of various styles.
  • Diamonds: There has also been an increase in the style and designing of diamonds. There has been a growth of designs that are vintage. There has been an increase in the demand for floral designs as well.

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