Why implementing user activity monitoring is so important

It´s a great thing to have trust in your employees but sometimes peace of mind goes that one step further.  Unproductive staff can be a complete drain on the company resources and of course, money, so it’s much better to be assured that all your employees are working as hard as they can when in the office.

How the users can be monitored

The main question is exactly how user activity monitoring is used in on the company computers.  It has many different functionalities and most are customized to the company’s requirements.  It´s main function is to record activity of users, each of which can be identified through the software to avoid confusing employees.  Doing this, it captures what files the user accesses, windows opened, text that has been entered or edited, websites visited and much more.  This can be viewed in video or other formats at a later time, filtered to show certain types of activity or particular files or websites.

Security benefits

The security implementing aspect of the software is one of its greatest perks.  As an example, if the software is implemented in a hospital, a place of many sensitive documents, it offers the ability to ensure only the correct users are accessing the correct files.  In some cases, users may have access to certain documents, such as prescription papers, however for them to be printing or even viewing the papers may be completely out of their job role, so this would be viewable.  With that in mind the ability to use the data or recordings in evidence to a misbehaving employee is extremely helpful too.

Proactivity benefits

As mentioned above employing this software gives the ability to look at activities such as windows opened or web pages visited.  In many cases an employee will claim to be working to the best of their ability, closing non-work-related pages when their boss wanders past their cubicle and usually the boss has their suspicions.  These suspicions can be uncovered with user monitoring software and even presented in detail to the employee to leave them to come up with an explanation.  It could even show if an employee has been playing a specific game rather than doing their job or has been chatting online with their friends all day long.

Peace of mind

Having this software is a great way to keep your employees in check, something interesting is that just letting employees know that you have this installed will probably minimize their procrastination and time wasting purely through knowing that they are being monitored!  If some kind of legal dispute or a problem involving an employee computer occurs and the employee wishes to claim they weren’t up to no good, you will have absolute proof that they aren’t telling the truth, especially if you have security cameras installed in the office with an accurate time available.

This kind of software is a great piece of technology, remember, most employees come to work to work, other just turn up to slack, clock out and take company money.  Be in the know and ensure you are getting the most out of your employees.

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