13 Straight-up Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs A Modern POS System

A Point of Sale system is the fuel that drives your restaurant. Today, all the restaurants are well-equipped with a functional POS system. While some restaurants are operating on traditional POS systems, majority of them have shifted to Cloud based POS systems.

A legacy POS system was a large bulky system that was fixed at one place in the restaurant. All the data was stored on a local server. It performed basic functions like input of orders, printing KOTs and invoice receipts. A modern restaurant billing software does much more than that. Apart from the basic functions of billing and ticketing, it takes care of inventory, loyalty, data and customer management making restaurant management less of a task. 

After having gone through a detailed comparison between Cloud vs Traditional POS, you can decide on the POS system you would want to buy for your restaurant.

Major benefits of a modern POS system

One of the things that is exciting about having modern POS systems are the innumerable benefits that come with it. Let’s look at some apparent reasons as to why your restaurant needs a modern POS system.

  1. Manages increase in Operations –
    With the constantly evolving restaurant industry, the number of services in restaurants are no longer limited to a small number. A modern day restaurant billing software does a lot more than just billing and routine operations which is why it is important to tread lightly while selecting one for your restaurant. Some of the additional features you should look out for are Table side ordering and payment, splitting of bills, feedback and suggestions, etc.
  2. Highly compatible with different hardwares –

A POS software can be installed in a number of handheld devices. It’s not necessary to have a central stationary system. Different portable POS devices like, Android tablets, iPads, mobile phones and more are available in the market today. Modern POS is highly compatible with all operating systems.

  1. Swift and efficient –
    Unlike traditional POS systems, modern POS systems are easy to work with. They have pre-installed features that greatly simplify the functions. You can quickly go through different operations, thereby saving you a lot of time.
  2. Secure data management –
    Your restaurant’s entire data can be easily stored in the modern POS system. Even if the system goes down, which is highly likely, all the information can be restored as it’s already backed up on the Cloud. 
  3. Integrated inventory management –
    Manually creating new spreadsheets time and again is a tedious job. Modern POS systems come with an integrated inventory management system where you can easily add, update, track and remove stock data as and when required.   
  4. Easy third party integration –
    POS systems today have features like third party integrations that make the influx of orders systematic and easy to track. You need not have a separate system for the sole purpose of third party orders.
  5. No heavy upfront costs –
    Buying a POS system for your restaurant is a huge investment. With the vast market today, there are tons of POS systems and software you could opt for depending on your budget. Modern POS systems come with low maintenance and replacement cost.
  6. Reduced cost on labour –
    The cost of labour drastically reduces with modern POS systems. The functions are stream-lined and each employee at the restaurant can focus on their individual tasks better rather than handling too many things at once.
  7. Simplified restaurant operations –
    Loyalty programs, online ordering, CRM solutions, customer feedback and more are easily available on modern POS systems. Since it’s on a single platform you can focus more on customer experience, serving them better. Usage of handheld POS systems increases instant Loyalty program sign ups. 
  8. Smart insight on data –
    Modern POS systems provides statistics and reports on all the information that gets stored on it. This largely helps in analysing various operations like sales, staff, raw ingredients usage, to name a few. Time and resources can then be distributed accordingly and effectively.
  9. Quick Sales –
    Restaurant handheld POS systems help quickly serve tables and in turn increase your restaurant’s sale. Flow of functions is more fluid. The feature of automated menu suggestion on these portable devices saves time spent on taking orders, sending them to the kitchen, punching the KOTs and printing the bill.
  10. Easy updates and customisation –
    The POS software on modern POS systems can be updated and customised regularly without any trouble. No two restaurants are the same. You can customise your modern POS system according to your restaurant’s requirements. 
  11. More repeat customers means increase in ROI –
    With modern POS system, you can greatly focus on building a great customer experience. CRM campaigns can be created on your POS system. The data stored on the system will let you know who your existing customers are and exactly who to target. This is a good way of getting repeat customers.

Time to switch

Legacy POS systems were nothing but a burden for restaurants. It’s important to keep up with the fast pace of the restaurant sector. In order to potentially grow, your restaurant needs to be wise when it comes to choosing a POS system. One that is capable of meeting modern restaurant needs.

So, if you haven’t already shifted from a legacy POS system to a modern one, it’s time for you to graduate! 

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