ReaConverter: A great solution for people stuck with format conversion

There are a number of companies, particularly the ones that proceed with designing, that get stuck with some sort of format conversion. The problem occurs especially when you have to show your design or your work to someone else as presentation. Surely, no one is willing to disclose the actual file. Therefore, the companies need to reach out for some sort of software that allows them for a better and appropriate conversion of files from one format to other. While there are much software that allows you to convert one file to another, you will not be willing to change software for different conversions. Therefore, the reaConverter is the best solution available to you in the market.

What is reaConverter?

The reaConverter is a software that allows you to convert a file from one format to another. It is a versatile software that let you convert a file from one format to a number of other available formats. It is much like a regular converter that you get in the market. However, the fact that it comes with a great variety and easy to use makes it a standout.

Why reaConverter?

There are a number of reasons that why a person should pick this as his converter software. First of all, there are times when you need to convert a JPEG or PNG file to PCT or SVG. And then, you may want to convert a CR2 file in a useful PNG or PSD. Most of the software come with a limited range. They allow you to convert a single file from a specific format to other format. Or you may be able to convert some advanced image files like PSD, FPX, MIX to simple ones that include JPEG, PNG, GIF etc. Anyhow, it limits the ability to a single category which you do not want. If you proceed with any such software, you will have to use a different program for each format. However, while using reaConverter, you can do it all just in a single software. Whether it is the conversion of 3D formats, Greber formats, Vectors, Simple images, advanced images, camera raw images, Adobe vectors, CAD formats, or any other, you have an all in one tool in form of reaConverter that can do the job for you.

Secondly, most of the softwares are complicated to use and they not only limit you but also irritate you. People try to convert a file from one format to another and they end up doing just simply nothing. You are trying to convert a PSD to PNG and end up with a JPEG file. Well, that is pretty annoying. So, you need a software that is simple to use and allow you to do whatever you want just by a few clicks. If you really need something like that, you can try reaConverter.

Last but not the least, the most important thing while doing the conversion is the quality. You need to keep the quality of the image steady and up to the mark. Else, the conversion is of no use as the drawing is vivid. reaConverter can help you in converting your designs and drawings while keeping the quality all the same.

Some nominable formats

In reaConverter, you can convert almost everything. There are nearly 645 file types that you can read in this one single converter and you can write in around 59 different formats. Some worth mentioning formats are:

  • DWG: The DWG is a common CAD format. You can convert your CAD designs and templates with the help of this software into almost all the available formats in which a DWG image can be converted.
  • PLT: Another common CAD file format is PLT. Designers prefer it a lot but when they have to convert it for presentation, they do not find any good software to do so. However, with the use of reaConverter, you can do it as per your requirements.
  • STL: STL is a 3D format in which you can both read and write the drawings.


In short, reaConverter is among the software that all the designing companies should acquire. It is because the designing firms have to consistently design images and drawings in various formats. When they have to combine it with a single place, they need something like this software that allows them to do it with ease.

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