7 Essential Tips To Know Before Starting A Blog

Consider it writing, consider it as art, whatever you think blogging is, it’s an excellent platform for expressing one’s views. A blog is a simple website that often has diary-like entries from the blogger.

These topics could be about anything. From gaming to scientific research, from food to political opinion, a blog can have any topic or theme.

Most of the time, people often start blogs as a way to freely express their views on something. Blogging has been existing ever since social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter came.

The earliest blog sites often had free templates and free hosting to their users. Since the prominence of social media, more and more people are getting into blogs, and more people are also watching them.

Today, blogs still maintain their original purpose; to be a means to express feelings, experiences, and other exciting ideas. Due to the extended reach and viewership of blogs, bloggers and companies alike are seeing the more profitable side of blogs. You could safely say that the reason why most people start blogs is that it’s lucrative.

Nowadays, blogs aren’t confined to written pieces. Vlogs or a video blog is another modification of the blog. Vlogs often present the vlogger in short or lengthy videos.

The thought is still the same with typical blogs as vlogs can also contain a wide array of themes and ideas. Notable vloggers include Pewdiepie, Logan Paul, and Dr. DisRespect.

Anyone can start a blog or vlog. However, you might want to have a few pointers before starting your very own blog. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Choosing Niches

Most experienced bloggers will tell you that the most important thing to do before starting a blog is to choose a niche. The niche of your blog is where you create your blog design, content, your persona, basically everything about your blog. From there, you’ll attract lots of people who are crucial to making your blog success.

When choosing a niche, make sure that you’re good at it. Some bloggers, such as Pewdiepie are respected gamers, that’s why his content contains everything about gaming. Your audience will enjoy your content because you’re reliable when it comes to your chosen theme.

Content Is King

Your content is what will drive an audience towards your blog. Most bloggers and content creators will agree that content is indeed king. Make sure your content matches your niche. Don’t create content that strays far from the likes and interests of your target audience.

It will also help if your content is reliable and truthful. Most of the time, content creators often have to include figures, numbers, statistics, and other precise information in their material. When you make use of such data, make sure you have a reliable source for it.

Also, make sure that your content is 100% original and has the right word count. Never copy from the works of others. Aside from doing something morally wrong, plagiarized works are often flagged by search engines, making your content much harder to see.


For those just starting up, don’t try to stray far away from your theme. Most of the time, bloggers often make the mistake of being a gaming blog and turning into a foodie review blog. Although some sites and bloggers have been successful with that route, many often lose followers because of that.

If you have to diversify your niche, try not straying away too much. For example, if you’re a gaming blog, then you could create content about gaming peripherals and gaming companies. You’re really not talking about the actual “gaming” but something related to gaming.

It’s also a good idea to be consistent with your content. As a respectable figure in your field, you shouldn’t create content that’s out of line with your views. Always review content before posting, as a misstep in managing content can be a costly mistake.

Design and Look

Your blog design should always incorporate your niche. Although you can add some personal touches to the design of your site, try not to overdo it. Most of the time, the design of a blog is what can attract or turn off your viewers. If you have a blog about business or politics, try not to incorporate fluffy designs that would otherwise go well with a cosmetics blog.


You have an awesome idea for a blog, you have great content, plus you have an incredible design for your blog. The question now is, where do you put everything together? Old school bloggers will know about Xanga, Blogger, and Myspace. Although these websites still provide services to bloggers, WordPress is the best platform to put your ideas into motion.

With WordPress, you can easily create blogs and optimize them to be more SEO friendly. SEO or search engine optimization are processes that optimize your website and content to meet a search engine’s requirements for better rankings better. When you have good SEO rankings for your site, search engines reward you with better visibility as you’ll land on the first page of a query.

Social Media Isn’t An Enemy

If you think that social media platforms are going to hurt your chances of gaining an audience for your blog, think again. Social media is actually a great way to make your blog a success. Since social media is a place where a lot of people gather and interact, it can be an awesome way to advertise your blog.

Use social media, along with your blogs, to attract more traffic to your website. Traffic is the number of visitors that are visiting a website. The right amount of traffic often gets positive results with most search engines. Having more traffic also means that you have more viewers reading your content.

Growing Takes Time

One of the most important things to understand before starting a blog is that growing takes time. When you start a blog, expect it to be slow. Even with the best content and optimizations, attracting audiences to your blog is usually gradual. You might have to wait it out for a few days, weeks, months; some even take years.

Just keep posting excellent content and optimize your blog. Eventually, you’ll start attracting an audience. Depending on how your audience takes your content, you’ll soon have to contend with a lot of people who want more content from you.


A blog can be a good way to express yourself online. Even if most blogs still retain their original purpose today, most people use blogs as a means to earn. With the right tips and mindset, anyone can start blogging. The tips mentioned above are perfect ways on how you should start your blog.

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