How to optimize your workflow


If you’re running your own company, you’re always in search of methods to optimize the way you and your staff get the job done. There is always something that can be improved – little things like improving your canteens food quality is one of the things that can increase your internal business motivation. Often it is the small things that matter, in order to create a productive and worthwhile work atmosphere.

One of the most important factors is avoiding chaos. Your workers love to see what needs to be done, and also what has been done so far. It gives them, and you, hopefully, a sense of satisfaction. In order to manage the workload and the way you interact with your customers you should consider a CRM-Tool. You have never heard of a CRM-Tool before? It’s a crucial tool for all companies that have to do with a high number of clients. It helps increase your company’s income by making it possible to sell products to customers that are already customers.

CRM stands for customer-relationship-management. As the name implies, it manages the relationship you have with your customers. Apart from this, it stores all the relevant information that you and your employees need (address, phone-number, e-mail etc.).
Of course, the use of such a tool requires a certain care, because in order for it to function, you need to keep it up to date.

What can a CRM-Tool do for me?

Using a CRM (Costumer Relationships Management) is great to improve your CPA. Why? It helps you increase your sales revenue without having to increase your number of clients. You can do this, by selling more products to the already existing customers. A Customer-Relationship-Management system helps you manage the communication you have with customers, but also partners. Furthermore, it improves your ability to communicate within your company. There are many different provides for CRM-Systems. Some also offer cloud-based solutions, which have many advantages. One of these advantages is, that you have access to important data while you’re on the go. Imagine you’re going to meet a client in another town.  If you’re using a CRM system you can easily access your client’s information. You will find his phone number, address and previous purchase history. Teamleader provides such cloud-based CRM systems.

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