Best Way to Handle Negative Reviews on Your Business Page

Handling negative review on business pageHandling negative review on business page

Reviews are important for your business, but getting negative review is understandably unpleasant.  Thanks to technology and information era, a bad review that is not handled well can spread far and wide, which is something you will not want to happen to your reputation. When a person takes time to write a negative review about your business aspects, you know something is very wrong.

Unfortunately, some business owners sometimes do not handle review well, and this is not just the case of small businesses. There are cases where big businesses got bad publicity because their customer services failed to address customers’ complaints properly. Do not let the same thing happen to you; make sure you know how to turn negative review into opportunities.

Steps in Handling Negative Review on Your Page

You can find negative review anywhere; on your main website page, your business blog, or your Facebook page. Wherever you find it, here are proper ways to handle the negative review:

  1. Be prompt in answering. Even if you still need to formulate the answer, respond to review as quickly as possible. Do not let the complaining customer wait more than 24 hours. Long response will make the angry customer complains even more, this time accompanied by new complaint about your slow response.
  2. Be polite and never insinuate that the customer is wrong (even if he/she does make mistake). Customers can be unreasonable or angry for small things, and often, their complaints result from their own faults. However, never be rude and condescending. Always give polite answers, and if they do make mistakes, you should remind them with the nicest language as possible.
  3. Do quick action. Whether it is a refund, a replacement for the goods or a shipping confirmation, you must act quickly so the complaining customer at least gets the impression that you are trying to be helpful.
  4. Be public about your mistake and solution. If a customer complains through public forum, such as your blog comment section or Facebook page, other visitors can also see it. by being public about your apology (especially if you conduct the mistake toward many customers at once), and show how you try to redeem the mistake, you can earn more sympathy positive impression from customers.

Complaining customers may bear grudge, especially if they have spent a lot of money or become your customers for a long time. However, quick, polite response can make them understand that you simply make mistakes and still have good intention toward customers.

What to Do after Negative Review

After you responding to customer who gives negative business review, your task is not over. If your mishap is quite big, make sure to issue public apology on your social media page and website or blog. Tell what happens in brief, and describe how you resolve it. By admitting your mistake publicly and being professional and polite while handling it, you will keep your customers’ trust and even improve their level of respect toward you. This is how you turn negative review into opportunities.

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