15 Excellent Business Ideas You can Start under $100

Do you also hate 9-5 slab job? Wanted to start your own business? Yeah, everyone comes up with a thought of starting their own business but with a misconception that it will need much more money than they actually have, they just drop their idea of doing business.

Well, starting your own business now a day’s doesn’t mean that you need loads of money or even say a loan from the bank. With just $100 in your hand and a good marketing strategy and good knowledge in the business field, you are entering is enough for starting your own business.

Below I have mentioned 15 ideas for the business that you can start in just 100$.

  1. Consulting service.

If you have deep and experienced knowledge in any field say legal advice then you can start your own consulting agency. The only cost involved in this is of networking and marketing your business. This is one of the most trending and liked business now.

  1. Grocery delivery service.

If you own a car or bike then you can start grocery delivery service in your area easily. You can find many people in your area who might be looking for someone to do their grocery shopping for them. You can charge some extra money on each delivery that you do every time and earn a good amount.

  1. Auto repairing service.

If you have a good knowledge of automobiles then you can open a garage of your own and repair automobiles. If you don’t want to spend money in opening a garage then, in that case, you can start mobile auto repair business where you have to go to the broken down vehicle and do repairs.

  1. Green cleaning services.

To start your own house cleaning business all you need is some basic cleaning supplies like a mop and broom, and some liquid cleaners from the market. Once you have this you can visit your customers and do this cleaning service. The more good and cleaning service you provide the more customers will be happy and the more you earn than by making more clients.

  1. YouTube vlogger.

One with interest can easily become a YouTube vlogger. You don’t need any high-quality camera, even your mobile camera is perfect to use and it will make your vlog even look more natural. Time and topics are important to become a good YouTube vlogger. You can browse some videos related to vlog on YouTube to get some tips and ideas.

  1. Computer repair and maintenance.

If you are good in repairing computers then this business is for you. You can repair computers of your friends and people in your locality. Just keep in touch with them so that they know whom to contact for such needs. Once you make some good and regular clients you can offer yearly maintenance services too.

  1. Homemade beauty products.

You can start homemade beauty product business with a say soap first. You just need few types of equipment and ideas on how to make soap. You can find numerous videos on YouTube where they can easily guide you on this. Just be prepared to make something new and different so that it can withstand market.

  1. Home companion.

If you are good in conversations and friendly with people especially the old ones then you can count yourself in for this job. All you need is some leads to family members of your locality. If there are some people with disabilities then it will be an added advantage for you to help them in their work.

  1. Day Care Business

One of the best business for people who love kids. You can start this from and really don’t need much investment to start a baby care business. You can advertise in your through through handbills or newspaper ad.

  1. Translator.

If you know more than one language then you can turn this skill into your daily business. With zero investment you can start this business. Just search online for someone who needs a translator of the language you know.

  1. Party tent rental.

You can purchase one inexpensive but good quality tent and start your rental business. You can provide this tent on rent in birthday parties or even at weddings.

  1. Domain name buying.

One of the great business and sometime you can get even 10000% returns on your invested amount. You just need to do research on unregistered domain names which looks attractive for a business and later on can be sold at much higher price.

  1. Flipping websites.

You can purchase a website from Flippa then build it up, maintain them with some good and interesting stuff and then sell it. You can earn minimum 50% to 80% profit just by working 3-4 months on the website.

  1. Crafts seller.

If you are good in making handmade crafts then you can become a craft seller. You can use stuff from your home and even buy some and make some beautiful yet useful crafts. You can later sell them online.

  1. Laundry service.

You can start your laundry business where you can clean clothes and then iron them. It can be a good and long term profitable business as everyone is so much busy in their work that they almost need someone to help them in this.

  1. Makeup artist.

You can become a makeup artist or hairdresser at a salon. If you are not an expert in this then you can go for a class or certificate program first. Once you become a pro in this then you can either join a salon or even open your own salon shop.


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