Hybrid Car Technology

Hybrid car is a car or a vehicle that uses two kinds of technologies as it power source. This is usually referred to a car that has the conventional fuel machine and battery as the power source. One of these power source acts as the main power and the other is as the second power if the main power is not worked. The other case is this car may use a source in a certain situation and use the other source on the different situation.

Two Sources

The hybrid car worked on some ways. The base model of the hybrid car is supported by the fuel engine but also keeping the charger as a bank battery. Many of the Hybrid cars are also filling the battery by using the regeneration energy that is taken from the braking system. The Hybrid car is usually will be changed between the battery power and fuel engine based on the need. For the example, when there is a minimal requested from a machine, the car is maybe stopped in using the fuel engine and started to use the battery power. Some of the drivers of this Hybrid car said that sometimes it feels strange when they heard their fuel engine is died while they were driving.


This technology has been existed when the car is launched on the 19 century, because most of the vehicle uses the combination of energy source for the power. As an example, most of the cars have the battery source for the car’s accessories like the front light. At the end of 1990, the hybrid car with more power is started to be accepted as the ideal alternative for the fuel engine car.


For the most people, Hybrid car is believed as the ideal alternative for the conventional cars. This hybrid car can save more fuel than the normal car. Many of the hybrid cars have the double fuel efficiency than the conventional fuel engine car. This fuel efficiency is also gave the more economical save for the users. The other advantage is that the hybrid car did not make too much pollution because it burns the less fuel and the company that is made this car is realizing the bad impact of the pollution for the environment. That is why there are moiré rules that give the hybrid car users the cheaper taxes and the permission of using the carpool track on the road and the other special incentives.

The Technology Development

Some companies are already moved forward with the hybrid car technology by making the car that can be placed to fill the battery of the car that has 150 mile or more before it needs to change into the fuel engine car. For most of this short journey, it is possible for a car for jut only using the battery power. There are also many companies that are developed the hybrid car technology that use the alternative power such as the hydrogen hybrid car, with the aim to push the society to use the continuing energy sources.

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