Cloud technologies – what do you need to know about the cloud?

Cloud is a concept that appears more and more often both in enterprises and in regular conversations. What exactly are cloud technologies, and why is it worth using them?

What is the cloud?

We can define the cloud as the digital delivery of computing services used by the end entity for various purposes. It means that we can call the cloud can be called e.g. servers or databases, but also multiple types of software delivered online. As a result, the entire IT infrastructure is not located at your company’s headquarters but in the place where the servers of the company provide the so-called cloud managed services. This solution is especially beneficial if you do not want to create your own IT department due to the size of the company or its business profile. In such a situation, you do not have to look for space or additional funds to reimburse specialists in this field.

Types of clouds

Depending on what data is placed in the cloud, there are three basic types:

– private clouds – a solution in which only you use the resources of a given database. In such a situation, you can count on the highest security, but at the same time – you have to take into account the highest costs of such a solution;

– public clouds – a cloud in which the entire IT infrastructure is located at the service provider. At the same time, this solution’s security is much lower than a private cloud, and many users use this service simultaneously. Note: Cloud performance depends on your internet performance;

– hybrid clouds – customers very often choose this option. It makes it possible to combine both of the above types of cloud into one, offering far-reaching possibilities for adjusting the operation of the cloud to the customer’s needs.

To keep your data safe …

… pay attention to the security certificates held by the service provider. Otherwise, it may turn out that data essential for the functioning of your company or – even worse – personal data of your clients will be released and used by third parties. Among the solutions that should be offered, it is good to seek protection against DDoS attacks. The best solution is to entrust cloud-managed services to a proven, experienced company that will ensure data security.

Advantages of using clouds

Cloud solutions are more efficient than traditional ones. In addition, in many cases, it turns out that cloud technologies are a cheaper solution than creating your own IT department, and the data is easily accessible and adequately secured. This service also makes it possible to connect company headquarters worldwide, regardless of the distance between them.

There are many advantages to using cloud technologies. Thanks to this solution, you will save money and gain a lot of time because these services work quickly and reliably. It is an excellent solution for all businesses, regardless of their size!

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