4 reasons why it is worth to work with influencers

For a long time it can be seen in the Internet the increasing activity of influencers. They start cooperation with increasingly larger brands, becoming their ambassadors. It is worthwhile to look at this trend and try to learn how to cooperate with influencers in order to bring the best results. Cooperation with personalities does not result from temporary fashion, but from hard statistics and data. You can read them, for example, in the (B)vlog Power report, which says that bloggers reach 11 million Internet users, 53% of whom admit that they have bought the product they advertised. While 72% of blog readers indicate that blogs are the first source of information about the product, even more important than the opinions of friends and family. These data show that this cooperation really pays off.

  1. Influencers evoke trust. It is impossible to perceive most YouTube stars or blogs as typical, detached from the grey reality of celebrities. Thanks to the way these people communicate and shorten their distance, we feel that they are actually ordinary people, similar to those we pass on the streets every day. Influencers are trusted by users much easier, so it is worth considering using it, for example, in the promotion of a product or brand.
  2. Influencers create interesting and valuable content. If you have already created dozens of your own posts and published hundreds of photos on Instagram, you can get access to this content. You can then use them to promote your own products and brand through, for example, “share” functions.
  3. Influencers attract their fans. Each of them has a certain group of recipients, who are often involved in co-creating the Influencer brand. What’s more, it’s worth taking into account the number of their audience – after summing it up with yours, a pretty serious number may come out of it!
  4. Influencers can give a lot from each other. If your brand image is built on the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, find an Influencer that identifies itself with similar values. Your customers will then feel that such marketing cooperation really makes sense and that its reception will be mainly positive.

Looking for bloggers on your own or support yourself with platforms?

Brand representatives often look for bloggers to cooperate on their own. However, this is not always the best idea. Sometimes it is much more practical to use specially prepared Influencer Marketing Platforms such as Reachbird for example. The brand can order recruitment for an advertising campaign, which will speed up the process. The method of settlement with a blogger is also changing. There is no need to worry about signing separate contracts. Using the platform, the company will receive an invoice to pay.

Large or small blogger – which one to choose?

When choosing bloggers for cooperation, one should get acquainted with them thoroughly. It is worth knowing how many people watch them every day, how many comments on their posts and how many check what is happening in social media. Theoretically, the larger the numbers are, the better, but not always so. First of all, one should take into account the fact that cooperation with large bloggers is very expensive.  Often it is much more profitable to run a campaign together with several creators with an average number of observers, because it is cheaper to use and after summing up, the range of bloggers is also quite large.

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