7 useful car accessories

You like to drive and also love cool gadgets? Fortunately, there’s a lot to choose from, but not every new and fun gadget is useful or makes sense. So we took a look around and picked out seven car accessories that we think should be worth buying for just about every car fan.

Wireless mobile phone charger

A wireless mobile phone charger is always useful on the go. After all, you want to be accessible even on longer journeys and don’t want to get tangled up in a cable when you reach into the glove compartment.

Inflatable car protector

An inflatable car protector protects your car from hail, snow, small stones or other particles whipped around by the storm when you have to park it outdoors. Just put an air bag on it and you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

Foldable starting aid

A foldable starting aid for mud is also very practical in bad weather. Due to its foldability it takes up very little space in the boot and you can make it ready for use in a few easy steps if you are stuck in a mud hole.

Glass tint

You should also have a glass tint to protect against UV light. It will be summer and that doesn’t just bring heat. Also the cloud cover is thinner and thanks to the progressive destruction of the ozone layer this means a stronger threat from harmful UV radiation – point out experts from Scheibentönung Frankfurt. You can easily protect yourself with the window tinting for your car.

Seat cover

A seat cover with built-in heating and cooling can be used all year round. In winter it warms you with the heater and now in summer it cools you.

If you often drive for a long time and tend to tense up, a massage seat cover for the car seat will certainly do you good. Let yourself be pampered on the way.

Multifunctional tool

We also recommend a practical multifunctional tool like a Swiss knife with a tyre pressure gauge, an emergency hammer, a screwdriver, a small saw and much more that you might unexpectedly need on the way.

But of course there are many other interesting and useful gadgets like Car High Pressure Cleaning Tool for the car. It’s worth looking around from time to time.

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