Learning the Tasks of A Web Designer

Most of us must have been familiar with web design, right? This term has been quite popular as job. In these days, almost every company around the world has their own website. We must realize some sites has a pretty interesting look. Well, that is the job of a web designer. If you are interested to become one, we have discussed all about web design here for you.

Web Designer

Web designing is a job that is connected to visual things of a web. A web designer is a person whose task is to beautify a look of a web page to be great and attractive. This job usually makes a use of components such as pictures or videos to add visual effect toward a website look. Hence, it is important for all web designers to know how to use softwares like photoshop, illustrator, corel, and many more.

Accelerated web design workflows

The Tasks of A Web Designer

If you look at the explanation above, you might think it is an easy job. Well, that is true if you already have all skills and knowledge to do it. Otherwise, it might be slightly complicated. Anyway, here are what web designers do.

1. The first thing they conduct is certainly designing the layout concept. This is also known as wireframing. In this part, they usually do some scratches on papers or tools for make wireframing. Some designers prefer to execute it straight on a photoshop and browse it.

2. After they got the concept, they will create a layout visually by using photoshop, gimp or firework.

3. Next, they will turn the visual into the form of HTML and CSS. This is known as slicing since picture cuttings are applied so the website will not be too large or heavy.

4. After slicing process, they must make a markup arrangement (HTML). They need to manage the placement of some elements so it will look exactly like the visual.

5. Then, this markup will be prettified by using CSS.

6. Additional effect is required to support the total appearance of a website.

7. Designer also have to pay attention on the code quality. It aims to know whether it is valid already or not. It is usually done with W3 validator.

8. Even though the work is done, they still need to do a revise if there is something wrong. Moreover, an update is important to have if they want to add something new.

That’s all we can give now, folks. Web design will not be difficult as long as we know what to do. If you are still confused about it, you may come to this article again.

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