Getting to Know More about Web Development

Most people must have known about web development. Unfortunately, not less of us might still have a though that it is the same thing with web design. Although web design is a part of it, but both of them are still different to each other. Web designing is a job where we manage to visual or appearance of a website page. It aims to make people admire the overall look. Meanwhile, developing a website is more than that. Let’s dig some more about it so we will know the difference.

The Difference between Web Design and Development

To emphasize the diversity of both, we need to focus on the terms of design and development. As we said before, web design is related to the visual of a website page. In contrast, web developing is a job where someone create web-based applications. Unlike the design, the result of development cannot be seen directly. Basically, we developer is able to make various things happen in a website. They are the connector of all resources used in the site. They do database calls, make the site to be more dynamic, and manage customers to interact with all elements in the site. A professional developer must be able to understand programming terms, either from server or client side. In addition, there are several apps they need to get it too. Those are JavaScript, ASP, Perl, Phyton, MySQL, Oracle and many more.

Things to Do in Web Development

In developing a website, there are several steps that must be done, which are:
1. Planning. Before beginning to create a website, we need to arrange a plan. We have to know things like reasons of creating the site, budget, the purpose of the site, and also how to create and develop the site.
2. Designing. In this part, what function that will be offered to the website must be found out. Moreover, the visual of it must be thought as well.
3. Constructing. The type of a website must be decided. The choices of it could be social network, web-based application, blog, or else.
4. Testing. Once the website is finally done, we need to give it a try first. If there is a mistake, then we cannot launch it yet to the Internet.
5. Marketing and service. If everything is completely set out, we may release it publicly. In order to get customers or clients, we must do a promotion. We have to tell the purpose of our website or why it could be useful to them. If we already have some of them, then we must serve them really well.
6. Maintaining. Although everything is done, it does not mean it is over already. We still have to maintain the website. We can fix or even update so clients will not be disappointed. This is the most important part of a web development.

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