Filmmaker Livi Zheng is Projecting the Vibrancy of Indonesia to the Far Reaches of the Globe

Yesterday, film producer and director Livi Zheng was given an award by MNC Media. MNC Media is the largest Southeast Asian media group.  Zheng’s praise and recognition by a global audience and her peers is an increasingly frequent occurrence and is a result of the fusion of her creative style and her commitment to relating the wondrous characteristics of her beloved Indonesian homeland. Zheng was awarded the Lifestyle Award at this December’s MNC Media “The Colors of Asia” event. The event recognized a group of six women who have taken a leadership role in business and the arts. Zheng received the award for her inspirational international achievement in film.

“The Colors of Asia” event itself not only celebrates talent but also fashion. Indonesians have found their way into the fashion world due to the region’s willingness to be vibrant and expressive. There is a common thread of creativity born in this country that is present in music, fashion, and film. While still very young, Livi Zheng has become one of the most influential and diverse filmmakers to champion the exposure of Indonesia. Appreciative of the awards, Zheng sees them as a motivation for future work, “I feel more encouraged to work even harder and improve myself.  Being given these awards is a sign of their trust in the someone that I am and the work that I create.  When more people recognize my talents, the opportunities do come by a little easier, as people and companies feel confident to invest their ideas, passion, and assets to someone that they can trust.”

Earlier this year, Zheng’s achievement was also recognized by another major organization when she was awarded with the “Diaspora Creative Award”, which testifies to the breadth of audience which receives her work. For her own part, Zheng is delighted that the attention she receives casts a glow upon the place that gave birth to her as well as her artistic mindset. The Congress of Indonesian Diaspora is one of the most respected events and institutions in the region. 

The Diaspora Creative Award bestowed upon Livi Zheng cites accomplishments of individuals who transcend borders and help Indonesia shine on the world stage. As an Indonesian filmmaker, Zheng has become a conduit to the artistic community and general public. She demonstrates the awareness of the depth of a culture that is eclectic and simultaneously cohesive. While previous recipients of this award include leaders like former Indonesian President BJ Habibie, Zheng’s achievements are evidence of the impact filmmakers have on a worldwide audience. Considering her inclusion alongside dignitaries, receiving the same award as the former president is humbling to Zheng: “It is exciting when my work is recognized but more importantly it serves as motivation to better myself as a filmmaker since through my work I can show the amazing things my culture has to offer. I do feel an increased responsibility, but the responsibility I feel is to live up to the trust and recognition they have given me through this award by continuing to do the work I love.”

Writer: Coleman Haan

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