What’s the Rear Windshield Replacement Cost?

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It is not uncommon for people to be hesitant about a rear windshield replacement when it has a crack or chips in it. The cost of the parts to replace a broken windshield is worth it in the long run. The cost of replacing your rear windshield varies depending upon the make and model of your vehicle. A broken rear window is a hazard for you and other drivers on the road.

The average price of replacing the rear windshield can be upwards of $300.00. It is recommended that you replace your broken or cracked rear windshield as soon as possible to avoid any accidents and injury. Here are some factors that might affect the cost of replacing your rear window.

Make & Model Of Your Car

The cost of replacing a rear windshield can vary depending on the make and model of your car. Most of the parts for replacing a cracked windshield are the same for all types of cars. The difference in the price largely depends on the brand and the quality of work done by the auto glass service shop. More expensive cars such as Mercedes can cost you more for parts replacement.

You might end up spending around $500 for a replacement on an expensive car. Some auto glass service shops will charge you extra for the installation of the windshield. The auto glass repair shop might also charge you extra to use materials high in quality. The price of replacing a broken bumper depends on the size of your car and the difficulty in replacing it. The cost of replacing a rear windshield can range anywhere between $300 to $700. If you have your car insurance, then the deductible is usually just hundreds of dollars.

The Size Of The Car

The size of the car also affects the price as some are more expensive to replace than others. Some windshields require more labour and time to install as they are fixed in a complicated manner. The more difficult the windshield is to replace, the additional cost you might incur. Some are old-fashioned windshields that have a little curve around the edges for a full-body effect. These are harder to install as they require more time and effort in replacement.

The Quality & Quantity Of Work Involved

The labour and time involved in replacing the windshield are undoubtedly a factor in the price. Some parts will be reusable, and most auto glass repair shops charge you extra for using such parts again. The quantity of work involved also affects the price. The more time it will take to replace a broken windshield, the higher the price will be. You might have to pay extra for using high-quality auto glass parts that are reusable and better in performance.

How to Choose the Right Auto Glass Shop


The location of the auto glass service shop is very important. You should pick a repair shop that is near your place so you can get the windshield replaced fast. You do not have the time to take your car to the shop and then wait for it there till it is ready. Avoid the hassle and go to a shop that is near you. The location of the autoglass shop is also very important for your convenience on how you will get to it.

Company Reputation

When you are looking for auto glass service shops that promise you the best services, then go for their company reputation. The company’s reputation will assure you that the items being offered have been carefully chosen for the best for you and your car. More importantly, it is important to choose a company that is related to the industry in which they work. Check if they are certified or not.


When you are picking a repair shop, always pick one where you can trust them. Look at their approach as well as their expertise in the field of auto glass. Always check if they have any experience in this field and why they are used to working on this type of stuff. You should choose a company that has a good reputation for giving their customers the best and that they care for their clients.

Having a broken windshield is a serious hazard for you and other drivers on the road. It can be dangerous if your rear window is not replaced as soon as possible. The price of replacing a broken window will vary depending on not only the make and model of your car but also the auto glass shop that you pick. You should consult with friends who have already gone through this procedure to help you know how much it would cost for your own car.

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