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One thing is for sure, there are a lot more unsuccessful bloggers than successful ones. There was a phase when every young girl from America that went on any sort of a vacation started a travel blog. A very small percentage of these were useful for fellow travellers and the majority were badly written diaries, the few that were well written and helpful grew fast and gained following. Many of the successful ones have continued to travel the world while making a living from their audience. This style of living grew so much in popularity that there are many gurus out there today selling courses on how to achieve this dream lifestyle. One such famous author Tim Ferris became famous of his bestselling book “The Four Hour Work Week” which basically breaks down how you go about designing the life of making a living while traveling.

Since the blogging explosion where everyone tried to make a living online it has become a massive industry and a helpful one. Experts in every field can now set up a blog and give expert information about whatever it is their readers want to know. There is financial incentive considering if they gain enough of a following then they can monetize their traffic. The world of blogging is a profitable one and helpful one. People are able to find experts in their field and read the advice of these knowledgably people. Now we have tech blogs, financial blogs, beauty blogs and much more.

Technology blogs are really helpful for covering the latest trends and changes in our world. It is important to stay attached to how the world is evolving because it will eventually affect us in one way or another, it will either affect the industry we are in, replace our job, create a new job or in many other ways. For that reason it’s important to keep an eye on the latest changes in the technology world by following blogs like Digitizd or other similar ones.

The job you are working in right now is likely not to exist in 10 years, how scary is that. So now you can see the importance of blogs in our modern day, they are a great tool that can be utilized to stay ahead of your colleagues and potentially enter a new emerging fields. Maybe one day when you are an expert in a field you can start a blog, maybe you don’t have to wait, maybe you already know enough to start one. To find out, ask yourself if you had to take a test on a subject, and your life depended on passing, which subject would you choose.

Now ask yourself, are there many other people in the world interested in that subject, interested enough to seek out additional information. If the answer is yes, then do it. Start your own blog. Make the information as detailed as possible and start off by trying to give as much value to the reader as possible. What’s the worst that can happen? No one reads it? It’s not so bad, at least it’s not embarrassing because no one can know about it if no one reads it.

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