What does AC1200, AC1750 AND AC1900 mean on a router

If you are planning to purchase a new router or you already have a router, then you may have come across the terms like ‘AC’ followed by a subsequent number say 1750. Ever wondered what this really means and what is its significance? Today we will try to clear all your doubts and myths regarding the meaning of the terms like AC 1200, AC1750 and AC1900 routers.

Our online world is totally incomplete without a modem or router and nowadays, technological advancements have made it possible for us to use wireless routers, which in itself is a remarkable achievement of computer science.

We often get this question about the difference between the numbers which come after AC. In simple words, these terms generally indicate the speed of your routers developed under the common WiFi technology. Here AC generally means the internet standard where A was the first to be released followed by B, G, N. and the current one is AC. Router manufacturers generally use these combinations of letters to specify the speed of the router. The numbers like 1200, 1750 which is shown next to the letters indicate the theoretical speed the router can generally achieve under ideal conditions.

Main Difference between AC1200 vs. AC1750 vs. A1900

AC1200 routers

AC 1200 routers are general kind of routers that are available in the market and is said to be suitable for household purpose where the internet technology used is the standard 802.11 AC. Apart from this it comes equipped with a plethora of features like USB port facility, Ethernet, steep step network selection according to your need and much more.

Here the term AC1200 means that the maximum speed that can be attained by this kind of routers is 1200 Mbps which is more than enough for daily use and for average household activities.

AC1750 routers

AC1750 routers as the name suggests is more expensive from AC1200 routers, hence, in simple terms it is safe to say AC1750 routers are much more advanced than its predecessor. If you feel that your system is suffering from serious network issue and in need of major upgrade you can easily opt for AC1750 routers. Maximum attainable speed of these routers is 1300 Mbps on the 5GHz band and separate 450 Mbps on the 2.4GHz band, which collectively adds up to the number 1750 Mbps.

These routers are tailor-made for people who are serious gamers and often stream HD videos. In case you have a large family and in need of vast coverage for multiple users then don’t think twice and just go for AC1750 routers.

AC1900 routers

AC 1900 routers are currently the best in the market and is said to outperform both 1200 and 1750 modems by miles. The biggest con of these routers is its price, if you have tight budget then this one is not for you. But if you are ready to go balls deep then AC1900 Routers is the best kind of routers you can purchase. AC1900 is ready to blow your mind with its combined attainable speed of 1900 Mbps which includes speed up to 1300 Mbps on the 5GHz band and 600 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band which adds up to 1900 Mbps. AC1900 routers are mostly dual band routers. So, when it is AC1750 vs AC1900 routers, AC1900 routers have clear edge over AC1750 routers.

If you are a hard core gamer and often stream large HD to 4k videos then, this router will ensure that you have the best multiplayer gaming experience. Not only, that, you can enjoy flawless HD video streaming with this router.

Which type of modem should you purchase?

Well, this is a tricky kind of question. First of all, this largely depends on you and your need. We all need fast speeds, but for that you need to have devices that can handle the speed. So, if you don’t have devices and gadgets in your home that can handle high speed then it will be a waste of money to spend on the best available routers or modems in the market.

If you are having an average system and average computer in your household then a standard AC1200 modem will suffice. But, in case you are having a high end system and a big family comprising of multiple users creating online traffic congestions, then AC1750 will effectively serve the purpose by cancelling out any online traffic congestion.

Lastly, if budget is not an issue for you and you want the very best online experience for your home, then nothing comes close to AC1900 routers.

So, if you planning to purchase a router keep in mind these factors and get acquainted with the above-mentioned terms before purchasing.

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