What is the Difference between Literature Review and Findings in APA Format

Writing a literature review seems minuscule compared to the actual dissertation. The fact is that it is not as easy as one might find. Knowing what the APA literature review format is would be a little challenging for most. Sure, you can find a lot of samples online, but it is still tricky. You want to get the best results with this review and it is an important part of having this dissertation approved.

We all love going to the internet with all of our questions, but there are some benefits in academic literature. Your work is only as good as your sources. If you were to believe everything you read on the internet, you would be making a mistake. You would often find contradictory facts online. There is a huge difference between a literature review and your Findings when writing in APA format. Knowing the difference beforehand would help you split up the two mentally.

Literature Review

Before you start with your dissertation, you will be required to write a literature review. This is all the resources you would be using for your dissertation. A lit review is not the same as a reference page. It is more in-depth than that. You have to make sure you find authors who back up what you are trying to prove. Your thesis statement would be more solid with this in place. It is easy to just claim certain facts, but it is not true until you provide evidence. With APA style literature reviews you have to know what the format is and execute it according to the requirements. Before you start, make sure you understand what APA format looks like.


With your literature, you will be able to find evidence to back up what you are claiming to state. This is going to be the evidence we spoke about in the previous heading. What exactly has drawn you to this author and the findings you are trying to add as your back-up? Talk about the research that has gone into proving these facts as being valid. It takes years of research to state most aspects of an industry as facts. The authors and researchers deserve the credit for their hard work. You would have done that in your article review apa format. With your findings, you are more focused on facts and how it ties in with your thesis statement.

Is the Literature Review and Finding in APA Format Easy to Understand?

It may be easily understood by many individuals, but not all. In fact, one can easily get confused. Both of these are based on the literature, author and the findings. The differences should be assessed and analysed well before you start writing. One can often waste a lot of time by starting to writing without properly researching the facts. Do not waste any of your time. You are going to need it to complete that dissertation. The foundation of any project needs to be solid. If not, we go in without understanding what is required. Writing a dissertation is going to be challenging, but it is doable. You have to eliminate all the smaller elements that might take away from the important sections of the project.

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