What are the Top 5 PC Games of 2019 in Different Genres?

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Gaming is more than a billion dollar industry and with time it will only increase at a steady pace. More number of individuals are getting hooked to playing games with the launch of a new game almost every month in various genre of gaming. Today this article will inform you about the best PC games of 2019. Have a look at top 5 PC games of 2019.

Apex Legends

No list can start this year without mentioning Apex Legends. It is hands down one of the best battle royale games in the market. Currently, there are eight characters available with different special ability for each one. From healers to trackers this game has it all. Gamers love this game as one can choose a character according to their strength.

This FPS game is all about wiping out opponents and survive till last. Also, a team consists of 3 players and total of 60 players are there in one match. This is a free to play game with micro transactions.

Sims 4

This is another game which is quite popular among the players throughout the world. This is a life simulation game where people have to make choices for their character to carry on with this game. This is the Sims number four major version. It was the best selling game of 2014 and 2015 and still is carrying the torch and selling worldwide.

To play this game all one needs is creating a game character and start exploring options which is going through different personalities to have the best outcome. Moreover, Sims 4 free download is available for all now.

Resident Evil 2

Apart from the FPS and simulation, the horror genre is not at all behind. Their new game Resident Evil 2 is making waves also. Various gamers and game testers have reviewed this as one of the most exciting, challenging, tense, and mesmerizing remake of the classic horror survival game.

In the game one can play as either Claire Redfield or Leon S. Kennedy. Also, there are new aspects such as fan favorite locations and bosses that makes this game even more attracting to gamers.

Fifa 19

The newest edition of Fifa  comes with even more advanced graphics and playing style that keeps every player on their toe. From goal celebration to saves and tricks, this new edition adds excitement to a player’s game time. If you are tired of playing games on PC, then check thegreatwar.net for Android APK games download. From playing to transferring players it is as real as it can get for a person.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Ubisoft’s one of the best series is the Assassin’s Creed and they nailed the series with its latest edition Odyssey. This role-playing gaming is much awaited which offers numerous adventures and quests that makes it worth playing and set in the grandest world till date. This is an something one can’t miss if he/she loves role playing video games.

These are the top 5 PC games of 2019 in different gaming genres. Hence, opt for the genre whichever is your forte and start playing that game.

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