Free Advertisement through Networking

The experts of business commonly spend 2%-5% of their gross profits for advertisement. For beginners and small business, expensive advertisements must be something that can’t be affordable. But you don’t have to give up if you are in this situation. There are many solutions of advertisement that can be had free. Besides using social media to advertise, you can use local mass media to promote your products or services. If you have done those two free advertisements, then you can try networking advertisement for your business. Some tips below could be helpful.

Referral Program Implementation

Recommendation is one of the best way that can grow your business and get free advertisements. You can increase the recommendations from the customers that have been proven your quality. To make this strategy, you can do some tips, such as;

– Give special discounts or gifts for customers that recommend your business to a friend.

– Advertise the referral program of your company. It will make the customers know that you are making the program. So, the customers can give potential profits from the referral program.

Alliances and Partnerships Building

You can do it by making a team that consists of yours and other businesses that provide balancing services and refer buyers to one another so it becomes free advertisements chance. For example, if you provide greenhouses, you should have partnerships with floral shops and fertilizer suppliers.

– Before the partnerships, you should negotiate the organizations or retails that are going to make partner with your business. It will increase the marketing level and the alliance success.

– Make some kind of contractual agreements for the partnerships and alliances in formal way. Find legal advice if needed.

Join Some Communities of Entrepreneurs

It is important to build networks of business owners and potential customers. You can find it by joining service organizations, commerce and other related groups.

– Make sure that you are always active in the groups. You can be a member that participate in the groups effectively. Attend every event and meeting of the organizations and try to talk with as many entrepreneurs as possible. You can have many experiences to improve business from this way.

– Find the people that can be your mutual relations. So you can make relation by sending customers and so do they to you.

– Don’t be someone that clearly looks wanting to have free advertisements about your business in the organizations. Contribute valuable things to the organizations so you can share information about your expertise and business in the same time.

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