Karukinka: One Step Further


We have just launched our new product Kojniken Sweater. It is made with Polartec power stretch, 40% baby alpaca wool, 60% Marino wool. It has a side zipper to let the skin dry whenever you get sweaty and an upcycled leather tag. It comes only in black and will be customised to your fit after purchasing the product.

Who we are: We are Karukinka, who make sweaters for the people whom we love. We keep people warm with our sweaters. We are a new developing brand who want to bring a social change in the world as well. We are the people connected with our culture and diversity. We have the ability to bring in local changes also. We have a factory setup as well where we teach and train our art to new workers.    

What we offer: We offer an ethical, sustainable and luxurious outwear which are handcrafted in Patagonia. These are very similar to the sweaters your mother used to make when you were little. These are the same kind of sweaters which filled you with the warmth of your mother’s love. We offer comfort, love and uniquity in our products. Our five keywords are Tribute, Fashion, function, durability and handcraft. We live and work under these five keywords. 

How we do it: There are local breeders who breed goats for us. We take care of our animal with love. Once the wool is ready we take it off carefully and clean it with our own hands. The wool is completely organic and no animal suffers in this procedure, we make sure of it. We comb this soft wool to make threads out of it. This work is done by the technical hands of our team. We know how much clothes matter and we do every possible thing to make them special.

We want you to trust us for the best quality clothes. They are made from all natural materials. Most of our team includes women, to support them and to make them confident about their work. When you purchase from us you are not only purchasing clothes, you are supporting a campaign. You are supporting women who work with us to bring change, socially and economically. This will encourage sustainable outwears as a lifestyle and fashion product. We as a team, do not take any shortcuts to reach our goal, we are hardworking and honest.

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