5 Innovative Digital Marketing Tools

With a large population of companies spending up to 75% of their marketing budgets on digital marketing campaigns, it’s no wonder that the majority of business leaders are looking for ways to improve their plan. The biggest problem is that out of the large number of companies using digital marketing, only 9% feel that their digital marketing plan is effective.

So how do you make sure that you plan is going to work? Incorporating all digital marketing techniques – like SEO, backlinks, social media and content management –  into your campaign is a start, but there is a lot more you have to do. Using some of the best innovative digital marketing tools will help improve your plan while simultaneously driving your profitability.


1.) Weebly Website Builder. The first step in a successful digital marketing plan is to have a top notch website. Using a free website builder, like the one from Weebly, is a good way to create a website. Once it’s up and running, you can start working on your digital marketing campaign.


2.) Unbounce. Landing pages can make or break your digital marketing plan. Unbounce will help you build and launch landing pages that will help bring positive results to your plan. They will significantly increase your conversion rate and allow you to track your key metrics to ensure your plan is effective.


3.) Rightly Written. Creative content is what can set your digital marketing plan ahead of others. Using graphics and pictures to attract viewers is important, but the content is what is really going to sell. If you want content that will stand out among competitors, choosing Rightly Written is an excellent choice. They will offer content development services while analyzing industry metrics to ensure competitiveness. Their content services include articles, blogs, website content and press releases, basically anything that you will need for your digital marketing plan.


4.) MailChimp. Email marketing is a big part of digital marketing. It is a way that you can connect with your network of leads, prospects and existing customers to promote products/services and engage them to support profit goals. MailChimp is an innovative tool that can help manage all of your email marketing campaigns. It will help you tailor your emails to reach your target customer base and to make your company stand out from others. To simplify it, they will help you improve sales and grow a larger customer base.


5.) Buzzsumo. Making sure that the content you are using in your digital marketing campaign is targeting the correct audience is highly important. You want to make sure that the right demographic is visiting your site. To do so, you can use Buzzsumo to track and review content on any topic or industry. This will help you optimize your content and ensure that your digital marketing plan is effective.


Digital marketing is an essential part of the business world. It has quickly moved its way up to take over traditional grassroots marketing as the leader in the industry. Having a successful digital marketing plan can help your company grow rapidly. By using any of the tools above, you will improve your digital marketing plan and support the attainment of growth goals.

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