The Key Considerations When Opening a Modern Office Space

The economy can be a contrary beast, and one that often delivers surprising signs of growth during times of austerity. This was borne out recently, as UK businesses confidence hit a six-year high despite the challenges posed by Covid-19 and the prospect of a no-deal Brexit.

Of course, this shouldn’t distract from the high ratio of debt-to-GDP or the heavy job losses experienced by the UK labour market of late, but there’s no doubt that the economy is performing in a relatively robust manner overall.

With this in mind, business-owners may well be considering investing in the redevelopment of their office space as they reopen their doors. So, here are the key considerations when creating a modern office space!

1. Open up the Space and Optimise Natural Light Levels

Regardless of the size of your space, a modern office must always boast a relatively open layout and make the most of any natural light that it receives.

Typically, this means developing an open-plan space that sees the removal of office partitions, in a bid to make the most of the floor space available and create greater levels of collaboration within the business.

However, if there remains a need to segregate some sections of your office, you can consider investing in stylish (albeit costly) glass partitions.

This contributes to a more practical layout without compromising on the sense of space, while glass is also ideal for reflecting natural light.

2. Make Room for Break-Out and Collaborative Spaces

When dealing with a relatively small amount of space, you may struggle to make room for break-out or collaborative spaces in the office.

However, you should prioritise your layout to include these types of spaces where possible, as this creates a more versatile office that enables employees to work flexibly and in a way that suits them.

To this end, break-out spaces will be used for far more than just relaxing or eating lunch, and some employees may head there when they want to work away from the main office or simply enjoy a change of scene.

As a result, you’ll need to ensure that these spaces are equipped with the relevant electrical connectors, sockets and Wi-Fi ports, so that people can work effectively there as and when required.

3. Be Sure to Brand Your Office Space

When it comes to building relationships with your employees and driving deeper levels of engagement, internal branding can be an efficient and cost-effective tool.

Make no mistake; the use of brand colours has a subliminal impact in the minds of employees, while reinforcing the company’s visual identity. 

Even on a fundamental level, this adds visual interest to your office space, helping to dictate the interior design and create a truly unique, contemporary building.

On a final note, internal branding also helps to drive recognition and awareness amongst visitors, particularly once they’ve attended your office on a number of different occasions.

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