Mobile Application Development: Important Factors to Consider before Developing a Mobile App

Before deciding whether to develop a mobile app or hiring the services of a mobile development service provider, you must first have a strategy, the effort, and a well-thought marketing campaign.

The mobile industry is growing rapidly as a result of the rising popularity of smartphones and tablets and this has enabled businesses and companies to get an opportunity to engage their customers everywhere anywhere at any time. It is not doubted that mobile phones are becoming an important part of our day to day lives. Business people and companies are up and running to create mobile-responsive websites and apps that contribute a lot when it comes to business growth.

The number of mobile phone users is expected to hit 5.07 billion users by 2019 and there are over 3 million Android apps available on Google Play store where the number of available apps on Apple store is over 2 million iOS apps according to statistics. This data shows that the demand for mobile phones as well as that of mobile apps is tremendously growing every year, however, quality should be a key factor so that the mobile apps developed are useful, user-friendly and have the ability to serve user’s needs.

To develop a useful and user-friendly mobile app, developers must put into considerations some important factors. It is good to note that mobile app development requires creativity and attention to detail. You will be required to do an extensive research as well as planning.

In this post, we are going to highlight some important factors which every business owner, app developer as well as the app developing company should put into consideration before developing a mobile app.

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  1. Extensive market research

If you are a business owner or an app developer thinking of developing a mobile app, you should not embark on the development of your app without doing a deep market research. Why do we say so? This is because the only way to understand the market is by researching, knowing what customers need and what’s trending.

Also, having researched deeply is when you get to know the popularity of apps that are same as yours and what the developers of the apps had in mind when developing them. In fact, this is a better way to help you optimize your app while in the development phase.

It is during your research when you will get to check customer reviews which will help you to know what they like and what they dislike, customer choice and what they prefer and what could be their future needs. Note down their concerns and try to give them solutions in your mobile app. Research can also help you to be able to have a smooth sailing throughout your mobile app development process.

  1. Learn your target audience and customers

Your target audience, as well as your intended customers, is also another imperative consideration when developing your mobile app. Having your target audience in mind is very imperative bearing in mind that your audiences have a huge impact on the development of your mobile app. You must know the people who will be using your mobile app and the way it will solve their problems. Note that if your app meets your customers’ expectations then definitely it will be liked and used by many people which will mean more revenue to you.

  1. What is your spending power?

Developing a mobile app is an investment that requires money, time, effort and strategy. Each stage of your app development requires its own budget. You must ensure to set a budget that will sustain you throughout the development process and take care of all stages. In fact, there are important stages of the app development process that requires a reasonable budget such as the app development, maintenance, updating, and marketing just to list a few. It is advisable to have an expert who will keep checking on the cost of every stage to ensure that your budget is well allocated in each stage and it to make sure each stage utilizes its set budget appropriately till the end of the development process.

The parting short

The list above is not comprehensive as there are other important factors that a business owner or an app developer must take into account so as to get a useful and user-friendly app that serves customer’s needs and expectations. However, it requires some efforts to develop an app that gets popularity though it’s easy to develop an app.


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